Wharf Roach

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"I caught a wharf roach! Even the beaches must be messy!" —New Leaf
Wharf Roach
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Unknown Italian Unknown Spanish Unknown
German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Scientific name Ligia exotica
Family Ligiidae
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Location On beach
Size 40.3mm
Rarity Uncommon (On Island)
Rare (In Town)
Selling price 200 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Wharf Roach (フナムシ, Funamushi) is a new insect in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They can be found on the beach where it quickly scurries away when the player comes close and vanishes if chased too far.

Donating to the Museum

As with all insects in the Animal Crossing series, the Wharf Roach can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers, who will give a small speech on it.

In New Leaf

Upon donation to the museum, the Wharf Roach can be found scurrying near the pond.

"Wharf roaches can be seen along the sea, usually just above the waterline on rocky cliffs. They feed mainly on microalgae and detritus that drift to the seashore, making them cleaners of sorts. They often move in groups and run away quickly when they hear people approaching."

Further Information

Real-life wharf roach

The wharf roach is an isopod that lives along coasts and shorelines. It is generally dark gray with brown appendages. They can grow up to 4 centimeters with the males being bigger than the females. It lives in crevices located in rocky coasts just above the splashing water. Its diet is mainly plant matter including diatoms and scavenging plant remains such as detritus.

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Names in other languages

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