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SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Wisp  
Species Gender
[[SpritAnimal Crossing
GenieAnimal Crossing: City Folk]]
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Role Sprit Begger
Genie of the "Empty" Lamp
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Wisp (ゆうたろう, Yutarou) is a Sprit (Animal Crossing)/Genie (City Folk) that appears in the Animal Crossing series in the morning (usually between 10 PM to 4 AM). He was absent in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and Animal Crossing: Wild World. He resembles Boo, an enemy featured in many Mario titles.

File:RUU 0027.JPG
Wisp in a player's attic
File:Ghosty Lamp.png
Wisp's lamp in a player's pocket.


Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, the player must find Wisp and talk to him. Wisp will only be out occasionally, and when he is, he'll be out from midnight to 4:00 A.M. He will ask you to catch five spirits with your net. If you succeed, you can choose one of three rewards:

  1. He will remove all the weeds in the players town.
  2. He will give the player a rare furniture item.
  3. He will repaint the roof the players house using a new color.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player will have to find the Empty lamp somewhere in the town. Since paint can be bought from all of Tom Nook's Stores (except for Nook's Cranny), a new option was introduced, smash roaches. His reward is one of three things:

  1. He will remove all the weeds in the players town, excluding clovers and dandelions.
  2. He will give the player a randomly selected piece of clothing, furniture, accessory, or hat which the player may not already have available in his/her catalog. However, the item is usually not rare.
  3. He will remove all the cockroaches in the players house.

Hints and Tips

  • Unless the player has not weeded for two weeks, it's better to pull out all weeds by hand.
  • Unless the player has not upgraded to Nookington's he/she can always buy a can of paint from Tom Nook. If the player has not upgraded, the player can pay off all of their debt and change his or her roof color. However, in Animal Crossing: City Folk, paint can be bought from all but one of Nook's stores (Nook's Cranny).
  • The items he gives out are not generally rare and may already be available to buy in the catalog.
  • Some of the items he does give out may not be in the catalog, so this option may make the item available in the catalog to buy.
  • Cockroaches only appear if the player has not played the game for a while. So unless there is a roach infestation, this option isn't very useful.
  • If the player decides not to make a wish, Wisp will stay in the lamp for later use. This is an excellent option if you're a time traveller.
  • Wisp can be found several times, so don't fret if you wasted your wish.


  • It is possible to get Wisp more than once, implying he may be a species of his own.
  • In Animal Crossing, Wisp will mutter something about a master and what he'll do if the spirits aren't recovered.


  • Sometimes Wisp will pop out of know where and ask if you can find him an empty lamp around town