5 A.M.

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5 A.M.
Game(s) Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Mood Calming

In Animal Crossing (GCN), the music at 5 A.M. is rather subdued initially, with a guitar and organ copying each other. The chordal structure in this section (an E-Major-9 suspended over a drum set) conveys a sense of mystery and is a little unsettling. The suspension finally resolves with the addition of the main hourly motif into the upper melody, the key being revealed as A-Major.

5 A.M. in Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a spacious electric piano. The tune of it gives the a hint that a blue horizon is creeping over the dark atmosphere, of which it has in the Animal Crossing series games. It has very simple, repeating electronic drums that also makes a "chirping" sound at a few points. Those are the only two instruments in the song. It is dark and bright at the same time, just as how the atmosphere appears to be. The tempo is slow and calming, as most of the villagers are waking up in the morning. It gives a sense of a new day and new things to do.

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