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This is the list of all characters (excluding the player) who appeared in the original Animal Crossing (including the Japanese-exclusive Doubutsu no Mori, Doubutsu no Mori+ and Doubutsu no Mori e+.)

Special Characters[edit]

Special Characters
Name Description
Blanca PG.png
Blathers PG.png
Museum curator
Booker PG.png
Police Officer (Lost & Found)
Chip PG.png
Fishing Tourney host
Copper PG.png
Copper PG Aerobics.png
Police Officer (Information)
Morning Aerobics host
Don PG.png
Don Resetti
Rarely appears after the player resets the game without saving
Farley PG.png
Gives Golden axe to player after achieving Perfect Town status
Franklin PG.png
Harvest Festival
Gracie PG.png
Sometimes appears in town to help wash her car. Once the player do that, they receive a Gracie-brand clothing
Gulliver PG.png
Gyroid PG.png
Saves the game
Jack PG.png
Joan PG.png
Selling Turnips on Sunday mornings
K.K. Slider PG.png
K.K. Slider
Plays songs on Saturday nights
Kapp'n PG.png
Transit to the Animal Island
Katrina PG.png
Fortune Teller
Mabel PG.png
Able Sisters
Resetti PG.png Resetti PG Groundhog Day.png
Mr. Resetti
Appears after the player resets the game without saving
Appears in Groundhog Day
Pelly PG.png
Post Office clerk at daytime
Pete PG.png
Occasionally appears near the player's house to deliver mail
Phyllis PG.png
Post Office clerk at nighttime
Porter PG.png
Train Station
Redd PG.png
Crazy Redd's
Rover PG.png
Player set up
Sable PG.png
Able Sisters
Saharah PG.png
Selling carpets
Snowman PG.png
Appears during the winter after the player made him
Timmy PG.png Tommy PG.png
Timmy and Tommy
Nookington's second floor clerks
Tom Nook PG.png
Tom Nook
Owner of his store
Tortimer PG.png
Mayor of the player's town
Wendell PG.png
Occasionally appears in the town. Gives the player a wallpaper once they give him food (fish, fruits or turnips)
Wisp PG.png
Sometimes appears in the night


Name Species Gender Personality
Ace PG.png Ace Bird Male Jock
Admiral PG.png Admiral Bird Male Cranky
Agent S DnMe+.png Agent S E+ logo.png Squirrel Female Peppy
Aisle DnMe+.png Aisle E+ logo.png Cub Male Lazy
Alfonso PG.png Alfonso Alligator Male Lazy
Alice DnMe+.png Alice E+ logo.png Koala Female Normal
Alli PG.png Alli Alligator Female Snooty
Amelia PG.png Amelia Eagle Female Snooty
Analog DnMe+.png Analog E+ logo.png Penguin Male Jock
Anchovy PG.png Anchovy Bird Male Lazy
Angus DnMe+.png Angus E+ logo.png Bull Male Cranky
Anicotti PG.png Anicotti Mouse Female Peppy
Ankha PG.png Ankha Animal Island PG Icon.png Cat Female Snooty
Annalise PG.png Annalise Animal Island PG Icon.png Horse Female Snooty
Antonio DnMe+.png Antonio E+ logo.png Anteater Male Jock
Apollo PG.png Apollo Eagle Male Cranky
Astrid PG.png Astrid Kangaroo Female Snooty
Aurora PG.png Aurora Penguin Female Normal
Ava PG.png Ava Chicken Female Normal
Avery DnMe+.png Avery E+ logo.png Eagle Male Cranky
Axel PG.png Axel Elephant Male Jock
Aziz PG.png Aziz Lion Male Jock
Baabara PG.png Baabara Sheep Female Snooty
Bangle PG.png Bangle Tiger Female Peppy
Bea PG.png Bea Dog Female Normal
Becky DnMe+.png Becky E+ logo.png Chicken Female Snooty
Bella DnMe+.png Bella E+ logo.png Mouse Female Peppy
Belle PG.png Belle Cow Female Peppy
Benedict DnMe+.png Benedict E+ logo.png Chicken Male Lazy
Bertha PG.png Bertha Hippo Female Normal
Bessie PG.png Bessie Cow Female Normal
Betty PG.png Betty Chicken Female Normal
Biff PG.png Biff Hippo Male Jock
Big Top DnMe+.png Big Top E+ logo.png Elephant Male Lazy
Bill PG.png Bill Duck Male Jock
Billy PG.png Billy Goat Male Jock
Biskit PG.png Biskit Dog Male Lazy
Bitty PG.png Bitty Hippo Female Snooty
Blaire PG.png Blaire Squirrel Female Snooty
Caroline PG.png Bliss Animal Island PG Icon.png Squirrel Female Normal
Bluebear PG.png Bluebear Cub Female Peppy
Bob PG.png Bob Cat Male Lazy
Bones PG.png Bones Dog Male Lazy
Boomer PG.png Boomer Animal Island PG Icon.png Penguin Male Lazy
Boots PG.png Boots Alligator Male Jock
Boris PG.png Boris Pig Male Cranky
Boyd DnMe+.png Boyd E+ logo.png Gorilla Male Cranky
Bow DnMe+.png Bow E+ logo.png Dog Male Lazy
Bree DnMe+.png Bree E+ logo.png Mouse Female Snooty
Broccolo DnMe+.png Broccolo E+ logo.png Mouse Male Lazy
Bubbles PG.png Bubbles Hippo Female Peppy
Buck PG.png Buck Horse Male Jock
Bud PG.png Bud Animal Island PG Icon.png Lion Male Jock
Bunnie PG.png Bunnie Rabbit Female Peppy
Butch PG.png Butch Dog Male Cranky
Buzz PG.png Buzz Eagle Male Cranky
Camofrog PG.png Camofrog Frog Male Cranky
Candi PG.png Candi Mouse Female Peppy
Carmen PG (mouse).png Carmen Mouse Female Snooty
Carrie PG.png Carrie Kangaroo Female Normal
Carrot DnMe+.png Carrot E+ logo.png Cow Female Normal
Cashmere PG.png Cashmere Sheep Female Snooty
Cesar PG.png Cesar Gorilla Male Cranky
Champagne DnMe+.png Champagne E+ logo.png Dog Male Cranky
Charlise DnMe+.png Charlise E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Bear Female Peppy
Cheri PG.png Cheri* Cub Female Peppy
Chevre PG.png Chevre Goat Female Normal
Chico PG.png Chico Mouse Male Lazy
Chief PG.png Chief Wolf Male Cranky
Chow PG.png Chow Bear Male Cranky
Chrissy DnMe+.png Chrissy E+ logo.png Rabbit Female Peppy
Chuck PG.png Chuck Bull Male Cranky
Clara DnMe+.png Clara E+ logo.png Hippo Female Normal
Claude PG.png Claude Rabbit Male Lazy
Cleo PG.png Cleo Horse Female Snooty
Cobb PG.png Cobb Pig Male Jock
Coco PG.png Coco Rabbit Female Normal
Cookie PG.png Cookie Dog Female Peppy
Cousteau PG.png Cousteau Frog Male Jock
Cube PG.png Cube Penguin Male Lazy
Cupcake PG.png Cupcake Cub Female Snooty
Curlos DnMe+.png Curlos E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Sheep Male Cranky
Curly PG.png Curly Pig Male Jock
Curt DnMe+.png Curt E+ logo.png Bear Male Cranky
Cyrano PG.png Cyrano Anteater Male Cranky
Daisy PG.png Daisy Dog Female Normal
Deena PG.png Deena Duck Female Normal
Del DnMe+.png Del E+ logo.png Alligator Male Cranky
Derwin PG.png Derwin Duck Male Lazy
Dizzy PG.png Dizzy Elephant Male Lazy
Dobie PG.png Dobie Animal Island PG Icon.png Wolf Male Lazy
Doc PG.png Doc Rabbit Male Lazy
Dora PG.png Dora Mouse Female Normal
Dotty PG.png Dotty Rabbit Female Peppy
Dozer PG.png Dozer Bear Male Lazy
Drift PG.png Drift Animal Island PG Icon.png Frog Male Jock
Ed PG.png Ed Horse Male Jock
Egbert PG.png Egbert Chicken Male Lazy
Elina PG.png Elina Animal Island PG Icon.png Elephant Female Snooty
Ellie PG.png Ellie Elephant Female Normal
Elmer PG.png Elmer Horse Male Lazy
Eloise PG.png Eloise Elephant Female Snooty
Emerald PG.png Emerald Frog Female Normal
Eunice PG.png Eunice Sheep Female Normal
Faith PG.png Faith Animal Island PG Icon.png Koala Female Normal
Fang PG.png Fang Wolf Male Cranky
Felicity DnMe+.png Felicity E+ logo.png Cat Female Peppy
Filbert PG.png Filbert Squirrel Male Lazy
Flash PG.png Flash Animal Island PG Icon.png Bird Male Cranky
Flossie PG.png Flossie Animal Island PG Icon.png Mouse Female Peppy
Francine DnMe+.png Francine E+ logo.png Rabbit Female Snooty
Frank DnMe+.png Frank E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Eagle Male Cranky
Freckles PG.png Freckles Duck Female Peppy
Freya PG.png Freya Wolf Female Snooty
Friga PG.png Friga Penguin Female Snooty
Frobert DnMe+.png Frobert E+ logo.png Frog Male Jock
Fruity DnMe+.png Fruity E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Duck Male Jock
Gabi PG.png Gabi Rabbit Female Peppy
Gaston PG.png Gaston Rabbit Male Cranky
Gen DnMe+.png Gen E+ logo.png Sheep Male Jock
Genji PG.png Genji Rabbit Male Jock
Gladys DnMe+.png Gladys E+ logo.png Ostrich Female Normal
Goldie PG.png Goldie Dog Female Normal
Gonzo PG.png Gonzo Koala Male Cranky
Goose PG.png Goose Chicken Male Jock
Grizzly PG.png Grizzly Bear Male Cranky
Groucho PG.png Groucho Bear Male Cranky
Gruff PG.png Gruff Goat Male Cranky
Gwen PG.png Gwen Penguin Female Snooty
Hambo PG.png Hambo Pig Male Jock
Hank PG.png Hank Chicken Male Jock
Harry DnMe+.png Harry E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Hippo Male Jock
Sally PG.png Hazel Squirrel Female Normal
Hector PG.png Hector Chicken Male Jock
Hopkins DnMe+.png Hopkins E+ logo.png Rabbit Male Lazy
Hopper PG.png Hopper Penguin Male Cranky
Hornsby PG.png Hornsby Rhino Male Lazy
Huck PG.png Huck Frog Male Lazy
Huggy PG.png Huggy Koala Female Peppy
Hugh PG.png Hugh Pig Male Lazy
Iggy PG.png Iggy Goat Male Jock
Ike DnMe+.png Ike E+ logo.png Bear Male Cranky
Jacob DnMe+.png Jacob E+ logo.png Bird Male Lazy
Jambette PG.png Jambette Frog Female Normal
Jane PG.png Jane Gorilla Female Snooty
Jay PG.png Jay Bird Male Jock
Jeremiah PG.png Jeremiah Frog Male Lazy
Joe DnMe+.png Joe E+ logo.png Bird Male Cranky
Joey PG.png Joey Duck Male Lazy
Jūbei DnMe+.png Jūbei E+ logo.png Lion Male Cranky
Julia DnMe+.png Julia E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Ostrich Female Snooty
June (villager) PG.png June Animal Island PG Icon.png Cub Female Normal
Kabuki PG.png Kabuki Cat Male Cranky
Ketchup DnMe+.png Ketchup E+ logo.png Duck Female Peppy
Kid Cat DnMe+.png Kid Cat E+ logo.png Cat Male Jock
Kidd DnMe+.png Kidd E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Goat Male Lazy
Kiki PG.png Kiki Cat Female Normal
Kit DnMe+.png Kit E+ logo.png Squirrel Male Jock
Kitt PG.png Kitt Kangaroo Female Normal
Kitty PG.png Kitty Cat Female Snooty
Kody PG.png Kody Cub Male Jock
Koharu DnMe+.png Koharu E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Kangaroo Female Peppy
Leigh PG.png Leigh Chicken Female Peppy
Leonardo DnMe+.png Leonardo E+ logo.png Tiger Male Jock
Leopold PG.png Leopold Lion Male Jock
Lily PG.png Lily Frog Female Normal
Limberg PG.png Limberg Mouse Male Cranky
Liz PG.png Liz Alligator Female Normal
Lobo PG.png Lobo Wolf Male Cranky
Lolly DnMe+.png Lolly E+ logo.png Cat Female Normal
Louie PG.png Louie Gorilla Male Jock
Lucky PG.png Lucky Dog Male Lazy
Lucy PG.png Lucy Pig Female Normal
Lulu DnMe+.png Lulu E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Anteater Female Snooty
Lulu PG.png Lulu Hippo Female Peppy
Madam Rosa DnMe+.png Madam Rosa E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Bird Female Snooty
Maddie PG.png Maddie Dog Female Peppy
Maelle PG.png Maelle Animal Island PG Icon.png Duck Female Snooty
Maggie DnMe+.png Maggie E+ logo.png Pig Female Normal
Mallary PG.png Mallary Duck Female Snooty
Maple PG.png Maple Cub Female Normal
Marcy PG.png Marcy Kangaroo Female Peppy
Margie DnMe+.png Margie E+ logo.png Elephant Female Normal
Marina DnMe+.png Marina E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Octopus Female Normal
Masa DnMe+.png Masa E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Dog Male Jock
Mathilda PG.png Mathilda Kangaroo Female Snooty
Megumi DnMe+.png Megumi E+ logo.png Dog Female Peppy
Meow DnMe+.png Meow E+ logo.png Cat Female Peppy
Merry DnMe+.png Merry E+ logo.png Cat Female Peppy
Midge PG.png Midge Bird Female Normal
Mint PG.png Mint Squirrel Female Snooty
Miranda DnMe+.png Miranda E+ logo.png Duck Female Snooty
Mitzi PG.png Mitzi Cat Female Normal
Moe DnMe+.png Moe E+ logo.png Cat Male Lazy
Monique PG.png Monique Cat Female Snooty
Murphy PG.png Murphy Cub Male Cranky
Nan DnMe+.png Nan E+ logo.png Goat Female Normal
Nate PG.png Nate Bear Male Lazy
Nibbles PG.png Nibbles Squirrel Female Peppy
Nindori DnMe+.png Nindori E+ logo.png Ostrich Male Jock
Nobuo DnMe+.png Nobuo E+ logo.png Penguin Male Lazy
Norma DnMe+.png Norma E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Cow Female Normal
Nosegay PG.png Nosegay Anteater Female Normal
O'Hare PG.png O'Hare Animal Island PG Icon.png Rabbit Male Cranky
Octavian PG.png Octavian Octopus Male Cranky
Olive PG.png Olive Cub Female Normal
Olivia PG.png Olivia Cat Female Snooty
Opal PG.png Opal Elephant Female Snooty
Otis PG.png Otis Bird Male Lazy
Oxford PG.png Oxford Bull Male Cranky
Ozzie PG.png Ozzie Koala Male Lazy
Pango PG.png Pango Anteater Female Peppy
Paolo PG.png Paolo Elephant Male Lazy
Pate PG.png Pate Duck Female Peppy
Patricia DnMe+.png Patricia E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Rhino Female Normal
Patty PG.png Patty Cow Female Peppy
Paula DnMe+.png Paula E+ logo.png Bear Female Peppy
Peaches PG.png Peaches Horse Female Normal
Peanut PG.png Peanut Squirrel Female Peppy
Pecan PG.png Pecan Squirrel Female Snooty
Peewee PG.png Peewee Gorilla Male Cranky
Peggy DnMe+.png Peggy E+ logo.png Pig Female Peppy
Penny PG.png Penny Mouse Female Peppy
Petunia PG.png Petunia Cow Female Snooty
Petunia DnMe+.png Petunia E+ logo.png Rhino Female Snooty
Pierce PG.png Pierce Eagle Male Jock
Pierre DnMe+.png Pierre E+ logo.png Cat Male Jock
Pigleg PG.png Pigleg Animal Island PG Icon.png Pig Male Jock
Pinky PG.png Pinky Bear Female Peppy
Piper PG.png Piper Bird Female Peppy
Pippy PG.png Pippy Rabbit Female Peppy
Pironkon DnMe+.png Pironkon E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Alligator Male Lazy
Plucky PG.png Plucky Animal Island PG Icon.png Chicken Female Peppy
Poko DnMe+.png Poko E+ logo.png Cub Male Jock
Pompom PG.png Pompom Duck Female Peppy
Poncho PG.png Poncho Cub Male Jock
Portia PG.png Portia Dog Female Snooty
Prince PG.png Prince Frog Male Lazy
Puck PG.png Puck Penguin Male Lazy
Puddles PG.png Puddles Frog Female Peppy
Pudge PG.png Pudge Cub Male Lazy
Punchy PG.png Punchy* Cat Male Lazy
Purrl PG.png Purrl Cat Female Snooty
Queenie PG.png Queenie Ostrich Female Snooty
Quetzal PG.png Quetzal Eagle Male Jock
Raddle DnMe+.png Raddle E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Frog Male Lazy
Rasher PG.png Rasher Pig Male Cranky
Rex PG.png Rex Lion Male Lazy
Rhoda PG.png Rhoda Chicken Female Snooty
Ribbot PG.png Ribbot Frog Male Jock
Ricky PG.png Ricky Squirrel Male Cranky
Rio PG.png Rio Ostrich Female Peppy
Rizzo PG.png Rizzo Mouse Male Cranky
Roald PG.png Roald Penguin Male Jock
Robin PG.png Robin Bird Female Snooty
Rocco PG.png Rocco Hippo Male Cranky
Rod DnMe+.png Rod E+ logo.png Mouse Male Jock
Rolf PG.png Rolf Tiger Male Cranky
Rollo PG.png Rollo Hippo Male Lazy
Roscoe DnMe+.png Roscoe E+ logo.png Horse Male Cranky
Rosie PG.png Rosie Cat Female Peppy
Rowan PG.png Rowan Animal Island PG Icon.png Tiger Male Cranky
Cally PG.png Sally Squirrel Female Normal
Samson PG.png Samson Mouse Male Jock
Sandy PG.png Sandy Ostrich Female Normal
Savannah PG.png Savannah Horse Female Normal
Scoot PG.png Scoot Duck Male Jock
Shinabiru DnMe+.png Shinabiru E+ logo.png Duck Male Jock
Shoukichi DnMe+.png Shoukichi E+ logo.png Bird Male Jock
Snake PG.png Snake Rabbit Male Jock
Snooty PG.png Snooty Anteater Female Snooty
Spike PG.png Spike Rhino Male Cranky
Spork PG.png Spork Pig Male Lazy
Sprocket PG.png Sprocket Ostrich Male Jock
Static PG.png Static Squirrel Male Cranky
Stella PG.png Stella Sheep Female Normal
Stinky PG.png Stinky Cat Male Jock
Stu PG.png Stu Bull Male Lazy
Sue E. PG.png Sue E. Pig Female Snooty
Sunny DnMe+.png Sunny E+ logo.png Frog Female Normal
Sven PG.png Sven Goat Male Lazy
Sydney PG.png Sydney Koala Female Normal
Sylvana DnMe+.png Sylvana E+ logo.png Squirrel Female Normal
Sylvia DnMe+.png Sylvia E+ logo.png Kangaroo Female Snooty
T-Bone PG.png T-Bone Bull Male Lazy
Tabby PG.png Tabby Cat Female Peppy
Tad PG.png Tad Frog Male Jock
Tangy PG.png Tangy Cat Female Peppy
Tank PG.png Tank Rhino Male Jock
Tarou DnMe+.png Tarou E+ logo.png Wolf Male Jock
Tasha DnMe+.png Tasha E+ logo.png Squirrel Female Snooty
Teddy PG.png Teddy Bear Male Jock
Tiara PG.png Tiara Rhino Female Snooty
Tiffany DnMe+.png Tiffany E+ logo.png Rabbit Female Snooty
Tom PG.png Tom Cat Male Cranky
Truffles PG.png Truffles Pig Female Peppy
Tutu PG.png Tutu Bear Female Peppy
Twiggy PG.png Twiggy Bird Female Peppy
Twirp PG.png Twirp Bird Male Cranky
Tybalt PG.png Tybalt Tiger Male Jock
Ursala PG.png Ursala Bear Female Snooty
Valise PG.png Valise Kangaroo Female Snooty
Velma PG.png Velma Goat Female Snooty
Verdun DnMe+.png Verdun E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Bull Male Cranky
Vesta PG.png Vesta Sheep Female Normal
Victoria DnMe+.png Victoria E+ logo.png Horse Female Peppy
Violet DnMe+.png Violet E+ logo.png Animal Island PG Icon.png Gorilla Female Peppy
Vivian DnMe+.png Vivian E+ logo.png Wolf Female Snooty
Vladimir PG.png Vladimir Cub Male Cranky
Wade DnMe+.png Wade E+ logo.png Penguin Male Lazy
Walker DnMe+.png Walker E+ logo.png Dog Male Lazy
Wart Jr. PG.png Wart Jr. Frog Male Cranky
Weber PG.png Weber Duck Male Lazy
Willow DnMe+.png Willow E+ logo.png Sheep Female Snooty
Winnie PG.png Winnie Horse Female Peppy
Wolfgang PG.png Wolfgang Wolf Male Cranky
Woolio PG.png Woolio Sheep Male Jock
Yodel PG.png Yodel Animal Island PG Icon.png Gorilla Male Lazy
Yuka PG.png Yuka Koala Female Snooty
Zoe PG.png Zoe Anteater Female Normal