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Animal Crossing Wiki
"The Animal Crossing Wiki"
The current website logo
Active; split
Language English
Dates of operation 2005-Present
Date opened August 2005
Date closed Split in October 2010
Creator Aeryka
No. of articles 3,199 (as of July 18, 2020)
Web Address
This article is about the Fandom-hosted wiki. For the wiki formerly known as Animal Crossing Wiki, see Nookipedia.

Animal Crossing Wiki (formerly known as Animal Crossing City), is a wiki hosted by the wiki-farm Fandom (formerly Wikia) that was founded by Aeryka in August 2005. It provides information for the entire Animal Crossing series, including the film. The articles were written by both registered and unregistered members, but now Animal Crossing Wiki requires users to be logged-in to edit. Editors collaborate with set guidelines through talk pages and the Fandom blog system. In 2010, Fandom decided to force all of their wikis to use the skin "Oasis"; many wikis were upset with this and forked the content away from Fandom. "Animal Crossing Wiki" was one of the wikis that forked its content and moved its editors. Although the whole community did not move, the majority did, mainly due to conflicting interests with Fandom and the limitations of their service. "Animal Crossing City" (as it was then known) merged into the independent wiki "Animal Crossing Wiki", which was later renamed "Nookipedia".