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This article is about clothes store on the archipelago. For the clothes store run by Mabel and Sable, see Able Sisters.
Apparel Shop HHP Icon.png Apparel Shop  
Function Clothing shop
Services Clothes
Staff Shop Manager[nb 1]
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
 Boutique de vêtements
 Магазин одежды
 어패럴 숍
 Boutique de vêtements

The apparel shop is a facility in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise located on the main island of the archipelago. The shop can be built after completing 30 vacation homes for Paradise Planning, and can be given a custom name if the player so desires. The building for the shop is situated in the very north-east corner of the island, to the right of the Restaurant. Before being constructed, it is simply a undecorated vacant building and the door is locked.


In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

The shop sells up to 6 apparel items a day, though which type of items can appear depends on how many of each type of display the player has placed. The style of clothes sold by the shop can be chosen between several distinct themes, or the player can opt not to set any specific theme:

The shop is run by a villager assigned as the Shop Manager. Two other villagers will appear as customers inside the store.

During music festivals, merchandise related to the event will be sold in the shop in place of the usual selection. Like the Able Sisters, the items sold by the Apparel Shop can be purchased repeatedly and will never go out of stock.


  1. The villager for this role is assigned by the player.

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