List of bugs in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a directory of bug list pages for every first-generation Animal Crossing game, followed by a list of all bugs in every game. There are a total of 48 unique bugs across all the first-generation games.

By game[edit]

Item list[edit]

Bugs in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
Alexandra's swallowtail butterfly Alexandra's swallowtail butterfly
Ant ant
Bagworm bagworm
Banded dragonfly banded dragonfly
Bee bee
Bell cricket bell cricket
Brown cicada brown cicada
Cockroach cockroach
Coconut crab coconut crab
Common butterfly common butterfly
Common dragonfly common dragonfly
Crab crab
Cricket cricket
Darner dragonfly darner dragonfly
Diving beetle diving beetle
Drone beetle drone beetle
Dung beetle dung beetle
Dynastid beetle dynastid beetle
Evening cicada evening cicada
Firefly firefly
Flat Stag Beetle Flat Stag Beetle
Flea flea
Giant beetle giant beetle
Grasshopper grasshopper
Hercules beetle hercules beetle
Hermit crab hermit crab
Jewel Beetle Jewel Beetle
Ladybug ladybug
Long locust long locust
Longhorn beetle longhorn beetle
Mantis mantis
Migratory locust migratory locust
Mole cricket mole cricket
Mosquito mosquito
Mountain Beetle Mountain Beetle
Pill bug pill bug
Pine Cricket Pine Cricket
Pond skater pond skater
Purple Butterfly Purple Butterfly
Red dragonfly red dragonfly
Robust cicada robust cicada
Saw Stag Beetle Saw Stag Beetle
Snail snail
Spider spider
Spotted ladybug spotted ladybug
Tiger butterfly tiger butterfly
Walker cicada walker cicada
Yellow butterfly yellow butterfly