Bust Illegal Parkers

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Bust Illegal Parkers/B.I.P
B.I.P Campaign.png
Occurs Random
Special characters Gracie
Appearances Animal Crossing

The Bust Illegal Parkers, or B.I.P., campaign is an event that appears in Animal Crossing. It is a concentrated effort by the Police Station to crack down on the parking of vehicles in the acres of the town. It occurs randomly. On the day of the campaign, Gracie will appear with her showy car in direct violation of parking prohibitions, much to Copper's displeasure. During the time that Gracie appears, she will ask the player to wash her car, which is covered in dirt and mud. To do this, one must rapidly press 'A' on the Gamecube controller. If this is accomplished quickly, Gracie will give the player a piece of Gracie Brand clothing. If the player does a mediocre job, a normal Able Sisters outfit will be given. If a poor job is done, no clothes will be given and the player will be scolded.

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