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Out of order[edit]

Items are not displaying alphabetically. Items beginning with "A" need to be moved to the front. Other letters seems to be organized fine. --sunmarsh (talk) 12:52, July 19, 2014 (EDT)

Huh...that is very odd. I've got no idea at this point, if anyone else has any. I'll look through Wikimedia bug reports to see if it's a recognized bug with Wikimedia, but at the moment I haven't a clue. ~SuperHamster Talk 00:17, July 20, 2014 (EDT)
Problem solved, I simply removed Category:Guides from each affected page and then re-added it, which shuffled everything back into the correct order. No need to worry now Sunmarsh. :) Red Snapper 11:28, July 20, 2014 (EDT)
Thanks much, Red! :) --sunmarsh (talk) 11:36, July 20, 2014 (EDT)
Huh, interesting fix - well done Red, thanks! ~SuperHamster Talk 15:33, July 20, 2014 (EDT)