Coffee bean

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Coffee Beans are an item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that the player gets from Brewster after working the part-time job at The Roost. Depending on how well the player did, they can get either plain, good, or superb coffee beans. Coffee beans can be sold for Bells or placed in the player's house. After receiving a set amount of coffee beans, the player will receive items from the Café Set.


Normal coffee beans (1-4 correct orders) sell for 500 Bells, good ones (5-8 correct orders) sell for 1,000, and superb coffee beans (9-12 correct orders) are worth 2,000 Bells. However, at Re-Tail, villagers are happy to pay 1,999 Bells for normal coffee beans, 3,999 Bells for good coffee beans, and 7,999 Bells for superb coffee beans.


The coffee beans have no effect on the HHA score despite having the ability to be placed in a room. They also cannot be used to make any specific, special, or custom coffee blends. Since the Coffee Maker is not a usable item, they cannot be used to make coffee in the player's home either. Coffee beans are only useful for being sold at Re-Tail, or to see how well the player did in the part-time job, or to give to villagers to boost their friendship with the player.


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