Fruit Path

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Fruit Path
AF Fruit Path Overview.png
Player(s) 2–4
Unlock cost  3 Happy Tickets
amiibo cards 1 or more
Reward  10 Happy Points
Move forward the number of spaces shown on the amiibo card.

Fruit Path is a minigame in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. It costs three Happy Tickets to unlock. It can be played with two to four players.


Gameplay of Fruit Path.

The players take turns scanning amiibo cards, which cause a character to appear and travel across a path of fruit, collecting it along the way and giving it to the player; single fruits give one point, while baskets of fruit give three. The die value on the card determines how far they travel. Some spaces contain buried pitfalls, and if the player walks over one while carrying a large enough amount of fruit, they will fall in, lose half of their points, and their turn ends immediately, wasting the remaining number of spaces to move.

The player with the most points after three turns wins, and completing the minigame rewards the player with 10 Happy Points.