List of furniture in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a directory of furniture list pages for every first-generation Animal Crossing game, followed by a list of all furniture in every game. There are a total of 740 unique furniture items across all the first-generation games.

By game[edit]

By fêng shui[edit]

Item list[edit]

Furniture in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
? block ? block
Advertising board advertising board
Aerobics radio aerobics radio
Aiko figurine Aiko figurine
Alarm clock alarm clock
Aloe aloe
Amazing painting amazing painting
Angler trophy angler trophy
Antique clock antique clock
Apple cardboard box apple cardboard box
Apple clock apple clock
Apple TV apple TV
Arc De Triomphe Arc De Triomphe
Arwing Arwing
Asteroid asteroid
Autumn championship pennant autumn championship pennant
Autumn medal autumn medal
Azalea bonsai azalea bonsai
Baby bear Baby bear
Backpack backpack
Backyard pool backyard pool
Balloon Fight Balloon Fight
Barbecue barbecue
Barber's pole barber's pole
Barrel barrel
Barricade barricade
Baseball Baseball
Basic painting basic painting
Basketball hoop basketball hoop
Bass bass
Bass boat-wrap sushi bass boat-wrap sushi
Bath chairs bath chairs
Bath mat bath mat
Bathhouse locker bathhouse locker
Bathtub bathtub
Beach chair beach chair
Beach table beach table
Bean-throwing set bean-throwing set
Bear pole bear pole
Bedside cabinet bedside cabinet
Big festive tree big festive tree
Big-catch flag big-catch flag
Billiard table billiard table
Bird bath bird bath
Bird feeder bird feeder
Birdcage birdcage
Birdhouse birdhouse
Birthday cake birthday cake
Biwa lute biwa lute
Black bishop black bishop
Black king black king
Black knight black knight
Black maneki-neko black maneki-neko
Black pawn black pawn
Black queen black queen
Black rook black rook
Blue bed blue bed
Blue bench blue bench
Blue bookcase blue bookcase
Blue bureau blue bureau
Blue cabinet blue cabinet
Blue chair blue chair
Blue clock blue clock
Blue corner blue corner
Blue diary blue diary
Blue dresser blue dresser
Blue face makeup egg blue face makeup egg
Blue golf bag blue golf bag
Blue kotatsu blue kotatsu
Blue polka pad blue polka pad
Blue table blue table
Blue vase blue vase
Blue wardrobe blue wardrobe
Bonfire bonfire
Bottle rocket bottle rocket
Bottled ship bottled ship
Boxing barricade boxing barricade
Boxing mat boxing mat
Brazier brazier
Brick block brick block
Bromeliaceae bromeliaceae
Brown drum brown drum
Bucket bucket
Bug zapper bug zapper
Bujian washbasin bujian washbasin
Bus stop bus stop
Cabana armchair cabana armchair
Cabana bed cabana bed
Cabana bookcase cabana bookcase
Cabana chair cabana chair
Cabana dresser cabana dresser
Cabana lamp cabana lamp
Cabana screen cabana screen
Cabana table cabana table
Cabana vanity cabana vanity
Cabana wardrobe cabana wardrobe
Cabin armchair cabin armchair
Cabin bed cabin bed
Cabin bookcase cabin bookcase
Cabin chair cabin chair
Cabin clock cabin clock
Cabin couch cabin couch
Cabin dresser cabin dresser
Cabin low table cabin low table
Cabin table cabin table
Cabin wardrobe cabin wardrobe
Cactus cactus
Caladium caladium
Calligraphy pad calligraphy pad
Campfire campfire
Candy machine candy machine
Cannon cannon
Captain's log captain's log
CD player CD player
Cello cello
Cement mixer cement mixer
Ceramic general ceramic general
Ceramic piggy bank ceramic piggy bank
Ceramic warrior kneeling and shooting ceramic warrior kneeling and shooting
Certain-victory daruma certain-victory daruma
Chair with cloth chair with cloth
Chalk board chalk board
Chess table chess table
Chinese lion Chinese lion
Chinese lioness Chinese lioness
Chocolates chocolates
Chowder chowder
Classic bed classic bed
Classic cabinet classic cabinet
Classic chair classic chair
Classic clock classic clock
Classic desk classic desk
Classic hutch classic hutch
Classic painting classic painting
Classic sofa classic sofa
Classic table classic table
Classic vanity classic vanity
Classic wardrobe classic wardrobe
Claw-foot bathtub claw-foot bathtub
Clerk's booth clerk's booth
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land
Clu Clu Land D Clu Clu Land D
Coconut palm coconut palm
Coffee machine coffee machine
Coin coin
College rule college rule
Common painting common painting
Compass compass
Computer computer
Conga drum conga drum
Cooler cooler
Copper general copper general
Copper warrior kneeling and shooting copper warrior kneeling and shooting
Corn plant corn plant
Corner flag corner flag
Cornucopia cornucopia
Cosmos model 1 cosmos model 1
Cosmos model 2 cosmos model 2
Cosmos model 3 cosmos model 3
Country guitar country guitar
Covered wagon covered wagon
Cow skull cow skull
Crab stew crab stew
Cream sofa cream sofa
Croton croton
Cubby hole cubby hole
Cube clock cube clock
Daffodil daffodil
Daffodil chair daffodil chair
Daffodil table daffodil table
Dainty painting dainty painting
Dark stone dark stone
Dart board dart board
Daruma daruma
Decorative plate decorative plate
Deer scare deer scare
Desert cactus desert cactus
Desk with books desk with books
Desk with cloth desk with cloth
Detour arrow detour arrow
Detour sign detour sign
Detour signboard detour signboard
Diary diary
Dice stereo dice stereo
Dirt model dirt model
Diver Dan Diver Dan
Djimbe drum djimbe drum
Dolly dolly
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Jr Donkey Kong Jr
Dracaena dracaena
Dreadful painting dreadful painting
Drink vending machine drink vending machine
Drum set drum set
Dump model dump model
Eagle pole eagle pole
Ebony piano ebony piano
Electrical sign electrical sign
Electronic scoreboard electronic scoreboard
Elephant slide elephant slide
Emi figurine Emi figurine
Excitebike Excitebike
Executive toy executive toy
Exotic bed exotic bed
Exotic bench exotic bench
Exotic bureau exotic bureau
Exotic chair exotic chair
Exotic chest exotic chest
Exotic end table exotic end table
Exotic lamp exotic lamp
Exotic screen exotic screen
Exotic table exotic table
Exotic wardrobe exotic wardrobe
Extinguisher extinguisher
Famous painting famous painting
Fan fan
Fan palm fan palm
Fence fence
Fence with signboard fence with signboard
Fence with vinyl fence with vinyl
Festive candle festive candle
Festive flag festive flag
Festive tree festive tree
Fine painting fine painting
Fire flower fire flower
Fire hydrant fire hydrant
Fireplace fireplace
Fishing bear fishing bear
Fishing trophy fishing trophy
Flagman sign flagman sign
Flagpole flagpole
Flip-top desk flip-top desk
Flour-man shelf flour-man shelf
Flowery painting flowery painting
Flying saucer flying saucer
Folding chair folding chair
Folding screen folding screen
Folk guitar folk guitar
French notebook french notebook
Frog woman pole frog woman pole
Froggy chair froggy chair
G logo G logo
Garbage can garbage can
Garbage pail garbage pail
Garden gnome garden gnome
Garden pond garden pond
Garden stone garden stone
Gerbera gerbera
Glass-top table glass-top table
Globe globe
Glow clock glow clock
Gold econo-chair gold econo-chair
Gold stereo gold stereo
Golf Golf
Gomoku Narabe Gomoku Narabe
Graffiti desk graffiti desk
Grapefruit table grapefruit table
Grass model grass model
Green bed green bed
Green bench green bench
Green chair green chair
Green counter green counter
Green desk green desk
Green dresser green dresser
Green drum green drum
Green golf bag green golf bag
Green lamp green lamp
Green pantry green pantry
Green pipe green pipe
Green plaid pad green plaid pad
Green table green table
Green wardrobe green wardrobe
Guan Yu statue Guan Yu statue
Hammock hammock
Hamster cage hamster cage
Handcart handcart
Harp harp
Harvest bed harvest bed
Harvest bureau harvest bureau
Harvest chair harvest chair
Harvest clock harvest clock
Harvest dresser harvest dresser
Harvest lamp harvest lamp
Harvest mirror harvest mirror
Harvest sofa harvest sofa
Harvest table harvest table
Harvest TV harvest TV
Hawthorn bonsai hawthorn bonsai
Haz-mat barrel haz-mat barrel
Headless warrior headless warrior
Healing painting healing painting
Hearth hearth
Heater heater
Helm helm
Hi-fi stereo hi-fi stereo
Hibachi hibachi
High-end stereo high-end stereo
Hinaningyo hinaningyo
Holly bonsai holly bonsai
House model house model
Ice Climber Ice Climber
Igloo model igloo model
Incense burner incense burner
iQue iQue
Iris chair iris chair
Iris table iris table
Iron frame iron frame
Ivory piano ivory piano
Jack-in-the-box jack-in-the-box
Jack-o'-lantern jack-o'-lantern
Jackhammer jackhammer
Jade econo-chair jade econo-chair
Jasmine bonsai jasmine bonsai
Jersey barrier jersey barrier
Jingle bed Jingle bed
Jingle chair Jingle chair
Jingle clock Jingle clock
Jingle dresser Jingle dresser
Jingle lamp Jingle lamp
Jingle piano Jingle piano
Jingle shelves Jingle shelves
Jingle sofa Jingle sofa
Jingle table Jingle table
Jingle wardrobe Jingle wardrobe
Jōmon pottery Jōmon pottery
Journal journal
Judge's bell judge's bell
Jukebox jukebox
Jumping boy jumping boy
Kadomatsu kadomatsu
Kagamimochi kagamimochi
Kamakura hibachi kamakura hibachi
Katrina's tent Katrina's tent
Kayak kayak
Keg keg
Keiko figurine Keiko figurine
Kiddie bed kiddie bed
Kiddie bookcase kiddie bookcase
Kiddie bureau kiddie bureau
Kiddie chair kiddie chair
Kiddie clock kiddie clock
Kiddie couch kiddie couch
Kiddie dresser kiddie dresser
Kiddie stereo kiddie stereo
Kiddie table kiddie table
Kiddie wardrobe kiddie wardrobe
Kitschy clock kitschy clock
Koopa shell koopa shell
Lady Liberty Lady Liberty
Lady palm lady palm
Lantern lantern
Large plant large plant
Large water tank large water tank
Lawn chair lawn chair
Lawn mower lawn mower
Leaning stone leaning stone
Left stone lion statue left stone lion statue
Lefty desk lefty desk
Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda
Lemon table lemon table
Letter cubby letter cubby
Life ring life ring
Lighthouse model lighthouse model
Lily-pad table lily-pad table
Lime chair lime chair
Locomotive model locomotive model
Long washbasin long washbasin
Lovely armchair lovely armchair
Lovely armoire lovely armoire
Lovely bed lovely bed
Lovely chair lovely chair
Lovely dresser lovely dresser
Lovely end table lovely end table
Lovely kitchen lovely kitchen
Lovely lamp lovely lamp
Lovely painting lovely painting
Lovely phone lovely phone
Lovely stereo lovely stereo
Lovely table lovely table
Lovely vanity lovely vanity
Low lantern low lantern
Luigi trophy Luigi trophy
Lunar lander lunar lander
Lunar rover lunar rover
Mahjong Mahjong
Mailbox mailbox
Maki figurine Maki figurine
Mama bear Mama bear
Mandarin cardboard box mandarin cardboard box
Maneki-neko maneki-neko
Manekin Pis Manekin Pis
Manhole cover manhole cover
Manor model manor model
Maple bonsai maple bonsai
Mario Bros Mario Bros
Mario trophy Mario trophy
Market model market model
Massage bed massage bed
Massage chair massage chair
Master Sword Master Sword
Matryoshka matryoshka
Melon chair melon chair
Men at work sign men at work sign
Merge sign merge sign
Merlion Merlion
Mermaid statue mermaid statue
Metronome metronome
Milk case milk case
Mini daruma mini daruma
Miniature car miniature car
Moai statue Moai statue
Mochi pestle mochi pestle
Modern bed modern bed
Modern cabinet modern cabinet
Modern chair modern chair
Modern desk modern desk
Modern dresser modern dresser
Modern end table modern end table
Modern lamp modern lamp
Modern sofa modern sofa
Modern table modern table
Modern wardrobe modern wardrobe
Moon moon
Mop mop
Morning assembly stand morning assembly stand
Mossy stone mossy stone
Mountain bike mountain bike
Mouth of Truth Mouth of Truth
Moving painting moving painting
Mr. Flamingo Mr. Flamingo
Mrs. Flamingo Mrs. Flamingo
Mugho bonsai mugho bonsai
Mummy's casket mummy's casket
Museum model museum model
N logo N logo
Naomi figurine Naomi figurine
Neutral corner neutral corner
New Year's goods New Year's goods
Nice painting nice painting
Nintendo bench Nintendo bench
Noisemaker noisemaker
Nook's portrait Nook's portrait
Novel painting novel painting
Odd clock odd clock
Office chair office chair
Office desk office desk
Office locker office locker
Oil drum oil drum
Orange box orange box
Orange chair orange chair
Orange cone orange cone
Organizer organizer
Osechi osechi
Owl clock owl clock
Pachira pachira
Pagoda pagoda
Pansy model 1 pansy model 1
Pansy model 2 pansy model 2
Pansy model 3 pansy model 3
Papa bear Papa bear
Paper lantern paper lantern
Partitioning screen partitioning screen
Paulownia tansu Paulownia tansu
Pear dresser pear dresser
Pear wardrobe pear wardrobe
Perfect painting perfect painting
Phonograph phonograph
Picnic table picnic table
Piggy bank piggy bank
Pinball Pinball
Pinball machine pinball machine
Pine bonsai pine bonsai
Pine chair pine chair
Pine table pine table
Pineapple bed pineapple bed
Pink diary pink diary
Pink kotatsu pink kotatsu
Pink plaid pad pink plaid pad
Pink tree model pink tree model
Plate armor plate armor
Pleasant feeling painting pleasant feeling painting
Plum bonsai plum bonsai
Police model police model
Pond lantern pond lantern
Ponderosa bonsai ponderosa bonsai
Pop machine pop machine
Porcelain piggy bank porcelain piggy bank
Post model post model
Potbelly stove potbelly stove
Pothos pothos
Princess bed princess bed
Propane stove propane stove
Punchout Punchout
Quaint painting quaint painting
Quince bonsai quince bonsai
Radiator radiator
Ranch armchair ranch armchair
Ranch bed ranch bed
Ranch bookcase ranch bookcase
Ranch chair ranch chair
Ranch couch ranch couch
Ranch dresser ranch dresser
Ranch hutch ranch hutch
Ranch table ranch table
Ranch tea table ranch tea table
Ranch wardrobe ranch wardrobe
Rare painting rare painting
Raven pole raven pole
Red armchair red armchair
Red boom box red boom box
Red clock red clock
Red corner red corner
Red drum red drum
Red face makeup egg red face makeup egg
Red polka pad red polka pad
Red sofa red sofa
Red vase red vase
Red vending machine red vending machine
Reel-to-reel reel-to-reel
Refrigerator refrigerator
Regal armoire regal armoire
Regal bed regal bed
Regal bookcase regal bookcase
Regal chair regal chair
Regal cupboard regal cupboard
Regal dresser regal dresser
Regal lamp regal lamp