List of furniture with green fêng shui in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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For individual lists by game, see Furniture/Doubutsu no Mori/Green, Furniture/Doubutsu no Mori+/Green, Furniture/Animal Crossing/Green, Furniture/Doubutsu no Mori e+/Green, and Furniture/Dòngwù Sēnlín/Green.

The following is a list of furniture with green fêng shui in the first-generation Animal Crossing games.

Green furniture in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
Aloe aloe
Azalea bonsai azalea bonsai
Bird bath bird bath
Bromeliaceae bromeliaceae
Cactus cactus
Caladium caladium
Chalk board chalk board
Coconut palm coconut palm
Corn plant corn plant
Croton croton
Deer scare deer scare
Desert cactus desert cactus
Fan palm fan palm
Froggy chair froggy chair
Grass model grass model
Green bed green bed
Green bench green bench
Green chair green chair
Green counter green counter
Green desk green desk
Green dresser green dresser
Green drum green drum
Green lamp green lamp
Green pantry green pantry
Green pipe green pipe
Green table green table
Green wardrobe green wardrobe
Holly bonsai holly bonsai
Jade econo-chair jade econo-chair
Jasmine bonsai jasmine bonsai
Koopa shell koopa shell
Lady palm lady palm
Lime chair lime chair
Market model market model
Mugho bonsai mugho bonsai
Pachira pachira
Pine bonsai pine bonsai
Ponderosa bonsai ponderosa bonsai
Pothos pothos
Ranch armchair ranch armchair
Ranch couch ranch couch
Round cactus round cactus
Rubber tree rubber tree
Sleeping bag sleeping bag
Snake plant snake plant
Stone table stone table
Tall cactus tall cactus
Train set train set
Tree model tree model
Weed model weed model
Weeping fig weeping fig