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Golden Axe.gif The Golden Axe trading event is the unofficial name for an event in Animal Crossing: Wild World which involves trading various items to different special characters. This is the only method of acquiring the Golden Axe, a tool which can be used to cut down trees without the risk of breaking. Additionally, the event may end with receiving pictures of Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, or Pascal, instead of the Golden Axe depending on which items are given for the trades. Unlike other games' trading events, this can be repeated in order to obtain the axe and all pictures.


Below are the steps to obtain the Golden Axe:

  1. Buy a red turnip from Joan and maintain it until Wendell visits your town.
  2. Once Wendell arrives in your town, harvest your red turnip and be ready to give it to him. The size of the turnip does not matter. The goal of this interaction is to be gifted a turban from him to give to Saharah. When he first tells the player how hungry he is, telling him to "grow up" then talking with him again to give him the red turnip may increase your chance of getting a turban.
    • Alternatively, giving him the red turnip may result in the player receiving a Country Guitar, ending the trading sequence for the Golden Axe. Giving the guitar to K.K. slider will reward the player with his picture.
    • This is the only way to receive a turban in this game.
  3. Once Saharah arrives in your town, giving her the turban may net the player a massage chair to be given to Tortimer.
    • Like before, giving her the turban may also result in receiving a red vase, ending the trading sequence for the Golden Axe. Giving the red vase to Redd will earn the player a safe which can also be given to Tom Nook for his picture.
    • This is the only way to receive a massage chair in this game.
  4. Give the massage chair to Tortimer when he is outside for an event and he will give the player the rarest of all shells, the scallop, to be given to Pascal.
    • Unlike before, giving Tortimer the massage chair will always result in the player receiving the scallop.
    • Alternatively, scallops can be found on the beach shore with other shells, skipping the trading process up to this point.
  5. Finally, give a scallop to Pascal when he visits. He will either give the player the Golden Axe or his picture.
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