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Red circle notes the location of a hidden inventory space.

A list of little-known facts, tips and tricks in the Animal Crossing series.

Animal Crossing[edit]

Change inventory background[edit]

In Animal Crossing, it's possible to change the pattern displayed in the inventory background. To do this, drag a shirt from the player's pocket to the bottom right of the inventory space. This will change the background to match the new shirt's pattern. The default pattern is from the Big Dot Shirt.

A player fishing for villagers.

Villagers in the river[edit]

For a short period of time after being hit with a net, villagers are able to pass over invisible barriers. This allows them to be pushed into all bodies of water as well as over holes and even onto houses.

Intact Mail[edit]

Any items attached to letters saved by the player at the Post Office will not be deleted when a player chooses to delete their town. This makes the process of deleting and restarting Animal Crossing much easier, as it allows the player to keep any items they wish to carry over to their new town.

Trees always grow[edit]

If the player has a fruit that they really want to grow, they can chop down an existing tree, uproot the stump, then plant the desired fruit. So long as the fruit is not planted next to an existing tree, the planted tree is guaranteed to grow. This technique also works to grow money trees, although it doesn't guarantee that it will have Bells. Remember that coconuts must be planted in an F acre and that pine trees only grow in an A or B acre.

Keep turnips from spoiling[edit]

Any turnips left in the player's island bungalow will not spoil so long as the player does not copy island data to the GBA on the way back to the mainland. The island home can store up to 64 turnips. Turnips will also keep fresh if they make their way into the Lost & Found. This can be accomplished by placing turnips in places where NPCs will move in on top of them (e.g. summer camper, villager homes, Chip, or Redd).

Gracie standing on a sign board.

Gracie on sign board[edit]

If a sign board is placed just right (one space to the right, two in front of a signpost) prior to Gracie's arrival, she will appear on top of it. The player will not be able to interact with her until the signboard is removed, at which time she will fall to the ground and function normally.

Double your money[edit]

This trick requires two memory cards, one with existing Animal Crossing town data and another with space available for travel data.

  1. Deposit all Bells at the post-office and speak with Porter about going on a trip.
  2. Save travel data to the memory card that does not contain town data.
  3. Save and quit, then take out the memory card with the travel data and start the game using the memory card containing the town data.
  4. Select the default character when given the option at the character selection screen.
  5. Take Bells to be duplicated out of savings and drop them on the ground, then save and quit.
  6. Reinsert the memory card with the travel data, and decline when asked "Do you want to use data from your visitor?"
  7. Once the game loads, the Bells will have been duplicated; the Bells will be on the ground as well as in the player's savings account.

Duplicate items[edit]

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance system and a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable.

  1. Load up Animal Crossing, then connect the GBA to the GameCube (or Wii) via the Nintendo GameCube–Game Boy Advance link cable.
  2. Turn on the GBA and enter Acre F-5.
  3. Talk to Kapp'n and take a trip to the island, making sure to bring along all items to be duplicated.
  4. After arriving, drop all items to be duplicated onto the ground.
  5. Talk to Kapp'n and ask to return home, saving a copy of the island to the GBA. Do not press any buttons on the GBA at this time!
  6. After arriving on the mainland, exit and reenter acre F-5 (so that Kapp'n turns his boat around). Talk to Kapp'n and he will say “Where be the island in your Game Boy Advance? She float away, p'raps??” He'll then ask to try again or visit a different island, choose “Another island.”
  7. When you arrive on the island, pick up any items to be duplicated, and then talk to Kapp'n. When he asks about saving a copy to the GBA, tell him no and then head back to the mainland.
  8. Now pick up the GBA and press the A button to view the island. Nothing further needs to be done on here, but the player can fiddle around on the GBA island if desired. Just make sure the island villager doesn't mess with any items to be duplicated.
  9. On the GameCube, exit and reenter acre F-5 (so that Kapp'n turns his boat around). Before leaving, make sure the playable character has enough pocket room to pick up the amount of items to be duplicated, then talk to Kapp'n and ‘travel to the island in your GBA.'
  10. Upon arriving, the player will notice that all the items that had been picked up are back where they were and have been successfully duplicated.

Missing face[edit]

PG Player Missing Face.png

This trick will make a playable character's face resemble a gyroid. It will return to normal the next time the game is loaded. Using this method is the only way to remove glitch items that are stuck in a player's inventory.

  1. Drop all items and money on the ground (anything in the player's inventory will be lost as a result of doing this trick).
  2. Talk to Porter and ask to take a trip.
  3. Once the player is on the train, press the RESET button on the GameCube (or Wii).
  4. Upon loading the player's profile, the game should say something like "Do you want to use a default character?" Select No.
  5. The player's face has been erased and will look like a gyroid.

Walking on tables glitch[edit]

Sometimes abbreviated as WoT, this glitch allows the player to walk on a table placed inside their home. The player is then able to pick up and drop furniture normally, and can even pick up the table they are standing on. This glitch is the precursor to other glitches including the newly made table glitch and the item duplication glitch. In order to perform the glitch the player will need any item that functions as a table. Other items can be used as a 'runway' to guide the player into the appropriate space, however they are not required. The glitch itself occurs when a player is either pushed by a dropped item onto an existing table, or manages to place a table beneath their feet. Both methods require a running start. The instructions provided here will be for the latter of the two methods, however a video of the former method can be found here.

  1. Clear a space inside the home to drop the table, remembering to leave at least two spaces free in front of the area where the table will be dropped.
  2. Items may be placed on either side of the 'runway' leading up to the space where the player intends to drop the table, although this is not required. Running alongside a wall is also an option.
  3. With a table in the player's inventory, begin running towards the space where the table is to be dropped. Just as the player's character reaches the space where the item will be dropped, open the inventory screen, select the table and drop it.
  4. Performing the glitch successfully requires perfect timing, but if done correctly the player will float high in the air for a second and then drop down on the table.

Newly made table glitch[edit]

Also known as the NMT glitch, this trick allows any furniture object to function as a table. Items placed on these new tables will float high above them. This glitch requires that the walking on tables glitch be performed first, so once that is done the player may follow these steps:

  1. While standing on a table, the player must drop an item onto it. This item will be the one that will end up floating high above the newly made table at the end of the glitch.
  2. Remove the table the player is standing on. The player will fall to the ground.
  3. The item placed on the table will be hovering low to the ground as if the table were still there. Open the inventory screen and drop any furniture item right onto the floating item.
  4. The newly dropped item will appear high in the air. Exit and reenter the room and the items will switch places. The item that had previously been floating high in the air is now on the ground and the one hovering close to the ground is high in the air.

Item duplication glitch[edit]

This glitch is a special case of the newly made table glitch in which the object that becomes a table is either a stereo or other item that can store items (like a dresser or wardrobe). As such it also requires the walking on tables glitch to be performed first. Any items that the player can walk on when dropped inside cannot be duplicated using this glitch (this includes turnips and Bells). Additionally, only items that can be placed on tables can be duplicated. The highest selling item that can be duplicated is the Spring or Autumn Medal.

  1. Choose the wardrobe, dresser or stereo that will be used. Make sure it contains no items or K.K. Slider songs (very important).
  2. Once standing on the table, drop onto it the item to be duplicated.
  3. Pick up the table from under the player's feet, then drop the wardrobe, dresser or stereo on top of the floating item.
  4. Exit and re-enter the room. The items will have switched places. Move the wardrobe, dresser or stereo one space in any direction.
  5. Exit and re-enter the room. Remove the floating item (to be duplicated) from on top of the wardrobe, dresser or stereo.
  6. Exit and re-enter the room. The floating object will have reappeared. Repeat step five as desired.

Glitch items[edit]

Main article: Beta items in Animal Crossing (GCN)

There are several items in Animal Crossing that can be hacked into the game using an Action Replay device, or even acquired through normal gameplay as is the case with the dummy item. These items can cause the game to freeze if dropped in an acre, may never be able to be picked up again, or may remain stuck in a player's inventory. Handle them at your own risk.

Pattern switch glitch[edit]

When a player travels to another town via the train station, their saved patterns will replace those of the host's town. To be clear, the patterns in question are not the ones in the player's inventory, they are those saved at Able Sisters.

Shiny spot duplication[edit]

Bells found in a shiny spot can be dug up more than once. After digging them up the first time, save and continue the game then hit the reset button. Load the game again to find that the shiny spot has reappeared. If the shiny spot appears in acre F-5 and is dug up, it will reappear if the player travels to the island and back.

Walk on water[edit]

If a player picks up an item while being pushed downhill he/she will float for a short time, allowing him/her to pass over barriers. Use of this glitch will allow the player to access the island without using the Game Boy Advance. This glitch may be able to be performed using only a ball or villager to push the player but it is easiest to use a snowball. For this reason the glitch is usually limited to the winter season; the instructions below will reflect this.

  1. Find a snowball and roll it as large as it will go. Position it on the top edge of the beach slope leading to the sea. It may be helpful to try this glitch on the eastern or western edge of town so that the snowball can rest against the cliff wall.
  2. Drop an item on the beach in front of the snowball.
  3. Starting from the water, run towards the snowball and pick up the item dropped in front of it.
  4. If done correctly the player will nudge the snowball just slightly, causing it to roll down the beach slope as they pick the item up and knocking the player into the water.

Walk on train tracks[edit]

This is a variant of the walk on water glitch and is accomplished the same way- by picking up an item while being pushed. It utilizes sign boards placed near the train tracks in order to position the snowball on top of the player. When one of the sign boards is picked up, the player is pushed over the barrier to the north of town.

Whale in the sea[edit]

While traveling to the island with Kapp'n a huge shadow may appear in the water next to the boat. Other players have witnessed the whale off the coast of the island. The walking on water glitch or Action Replay can be used to reach the whale, but he will not bite the lure if the fishing rod is used.

Gulliver in the water[edit]

On rare occasions when traveling to the island the player may witness Gulliver floating by on the waves. A video of this can be found here.

Forcing mail delivery[edit]

The player can receive mail order items immediately by saving & quitting, and then reloading the game after the items are ordered from Nook.

Locked diary reset[edit]

When a player attempts to open another player's locked diary, a screen stating "This Diary is locked." will appear. If the player continues to try and open it by repeatedly pressing the A button, the game will eventually crash and reset, causing Mr. Resetti to appear on the next game load.

Disappearing Redd glitch[edit]

On Sale Day, if the player buys all of Redd's stock, his tent will disappear and then reappear restocked in another acre. However, Redd will not be waiting out in front of the new location. Instead, he will be standing in front of a signpost in another random acre, and if spoken to, he will walk into the signpost and disappear. Video of this glitch can be found here.

Fake Reset[edit]

Probably the most infamous easter egg is the fake reset. When you reset for the seventh time, Mr. Resetti will threaten to reset your savefile. The reset animation plays and he then tells you that it was fake.

6th reset secret[edit]

When you have reset for the 6th time, Resetti will force you to type out "I'm sorry", however if you type any of the following phrases he'll get really angry. Some of the reactions are really vulgar.

  • no
  • NO!
  • jerk
  • Die!
  • Loser
  • Freak
  • Creep
  • no way
  • Leave!
  • No way!
  • shut up
  • go away
  • Pinhead
  • Dirtbag
  • Scumbag
  • Shut up!
  • Go away!
  • butthead
  • Bite me!
  • U R ugly
  • groundhog
  • You stink
  • I + reset
  • You suck!
  • I hate you
  • Moles suck
  • Who cares?

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Find out tomorrow's weather[edit]

To find out what tomorrow's weather is going to be like, turn on the T.V. fifteen minutes before 7 AM, 8 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM. It starts 45 minutes after the hour. It will tell you tomorrow's weather. This is useful for finding the Coelacanth, because it has to be raining or snowing.

Wishing upon the Star[edit]

A Letter from Wishy.

Shooting stars can be seen and heard on clear or cloudy nights when it is not raining or snowing. Look at the top screen and wait for a shooting star to go by. When you see one, tap your character with your stylus, or press A immediately. Your character will face forward and clasp his or her hands together in a wishing motion. Note that this will not work if you have any tools equipped when you press A/tap your character. After you have successfully wished upon the star, you will get a letter with a present (always a Tom Nook spotlight item) from Wishy the star the next day.

Get more money[edit]

Interest Method An incredibly easy way to get money, and to buy items at Nook's, Redd's and Able sisters again.

  • Pros: With an initial investment of 10,000 Bells and a time shift of 10 years, you will receive 50,000 Bells in interest (so 60,000 Bells in the bank) (bank interest is %0.5)
  • Cons: Will produce weeds, cockroaches in your house, kill flowers, and will also make villagers move away.
  1. Deposit 20,000 Bells or more into your savings account; the more Bells in the account, the more money you'll get.
  2. Save and turn off the power.
  3. Turn the DS on.
  4. Change the year by ten years; save settings and turn the DS off.
  5. Turn back on.
  6. After exiting the house you'll have mail from the town hall saying how much interest(money that the bank gives you for using their bank) you get.
  7. Save and turn off the power.
  8. Correct the date.
  9. When you go back on, everything will be as if it was the next day on the game, but you will have the effects of time traveling.
  10. If you have an Action Replay DS you can make all your weeds into money bags, so you will have even MORE money.

Item Duplication Method Requirements:

  • Must have two game cards, and two DS systems.
  • Make sure that you have more than 1 player living in your town.
  • Pros: Easy way to duplicate your stuff.
  • Cons: Requires two cards and DS systems.

You may want to make a new character for this.

  1. Make sure you have as many empty letters as items you want to duplicate, no more than 25. Note that you can only carry 10 letters at a time.
  2. Put what you want to duplicate into the letters.
  3. Save the letters at the town hall.
  4. Get your second DS card out, you will be moving into that town.
  5. Go to the town on the second card, go to the civic services desk and select "I want to move".
  6. Follow the instructions to move to the second DS card.
  7. Once you move, go to the town hall and view your saved letters. Take them out and put them in your pockets. You will only be able to take 10 letters with you, but you will be able to take 25 items, unless you attached a fridge/vanity/dresser.
  8. Move back to your original town, view your saved letters, and find the original items. You now have two copies of them.

Money Tree Method

  • Pros: Can potentially turn 100 Bells into 90,000 Bells.
  • Cons: The chances of that are %0.1 percent. The only way to guarantee 90,000 Bells is to bury 100,000 Bells, which will result in a net loss of 10,000 Bells.

Plant a Money Tree (you must use a golden shovel in order to bury cash into a money tree. This will not work with an regular shovel. To do that, bury a shovel and in the next day, dig up the shovel. It must stay for a full 24 hours).

Fossil Method

  • Pros: Can make at least 3,000 Bells a day.
  • Cons: Can not make more than 18,000 Bells a day.
  1. Pull out your shovel.
  2. Go hunt for fossils.
  3. Once you find them, go get the identified by Blathers.
  4. When he ask to keep the fossils, say no, or if you would like to fill the museum, say yes.
  5. If you said yes and have no more fossils, then better luck tomorrow (maybe you'll find fossils already donated).
  6. Go to Tom Nook otherwise.
  7. Sell your fossils.
  8. Repeat (3 fossils spawned every day).

Money Rock Method

When the player is outside, they can use their shovel to hit rocks. Once a day, the player will find 8,000 Bells inside the rock. They can get the money out by repeatedly hitting the rock. This also works in other games, however it's easier in New Leaf because the player will not receive as much knockback as they would in the other games.

Moving In Method[edit]

After one day has passed since you got a resident's moving letter a new resident should move in (Unless there's someone in your Ninth In Slot)

  • Pros
    • This method makes sure you don't end up with a resident you don't like
  • Cons
    • Could make flowers wilt after multiple attempts
    • It does not work 100% of the time
    • If no one tries to move in after five or more tries then you might have to time travel or wait a day.
  1. Someone moves out and you receive their moving letter on August 2nd (8/2)
  2. Wait/time travel a day (August 3, 8/3)
  3. On August 3, Instead of loading up one of the pre-existing characters, make a new character
  4. Talk to Kapp'n, it doesn't really matter if you are a boy/girl or what you look like
  5. Exit the cab and walk into the Town Hall
  6. Talk to Pelly (Once again it doesn't really matter if you say, "I moved in!" or, "I came by cab!")
  7. When Pelly shows you the map...
    1. If there's a house that wasn't there, finish talking to Pelly and check who it is
    2. If there isn't any new house when she shows you the map, just turn off the power and try again. (Resetti won't come out because you were on a character that you haven't saved yet.)
  8. Locate the new house and check who it is
    1. If it's someone you like/don't mind/don't care/etc. then find your house, enter it, and immediately walk out. Nook should walk over to you asking about how it feels and the current mortgage on it. After you're done talking to him, save the game to make the new resident stay in your town.
    2. If it's someone you don't want just turn off the power and try again. (Once again, (Resetti won't come out because you were on a character that you haven't saved yet.)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

  • If the player falls into a pitfall while Isabelle is following them, she will become shocked and begin to worry.
  • If the player digs a hole by a stump, sits on the stump, turns to the direction of the hole, and gets off of the stump, the player will appear as if the character stepped into a pitfall.
  • If the players has a television and a fan turned on in the room, the fan noise may sometimes reset, even though the player has not interacted with the fan.
  • The colors correspond incorrectly if players try to customize the lava lamp, a glitch that is exclusive to the lava lamp furniture. The following is a list of the requested colors against the actual color.
Color requested Color received
Red LavaLampBlue.png
Blue (default)
Yellow LavaLampGreen.png
Blue LavaLampPurple.png
Green LavaLampRed.png
Purple LavaLampYellow.png
Orange LavaLampOrange.png

Special Clothing[edit]

Equipping certain clothing will play special sounds. If the player wears any Zap or Hero clothing, an electric guitar can be heard. If any Splatoon clothing is worn by the player, the Splatoon jingle will play. Wearing Tut's Mask will play a different jingle as well.

Walking on Water[edit]

This glitch for New Leaf works best on a 'bad luck day' (when the player trips frequently) or with a King Tut mask (which also causes tripping).

  1. Find a diagonal section of the river
  2. Dig 2 adjacent holes along the diagonal section
  3. Dig another hole between these two holes (right above them) You should have a triangle shape of holes.
  4. Fill one hole with a random object and squeeze between remaining two holes. Dig up the item
  5. If done right, the player will be pushed into the river's invisible barrier, and will stay there, vibrating.
  6. With King Tut mask on or on a day you are tripping a lot, run towards the river until you trip, falling into the river.
  7. The player can now walk around on the river, and fish or catch bugs inside.

Game-Session Breaking Glitch[edit]

  1. Perform above Walking on Water glitch, but make sure there is a tree where the 3rd hole would be, and dig two holes around it that should touch the diagonal part of the river.
  2. Bury an item and squeeze between the tree and other hole. Dig up the item in a way that pushes you into the river barrier.
  3. Normally, you can still use inventory in the barrier and escape by filling the holes trapping you, as you will in this point of the glitch.
  4. While trapped in the barrier by the holes and trees, attempt to shake the tree.
  5. If done right, your character will now vibrate a lot and be completely trapped. You are unable to move in any way. Normal character animations stop.
  6. You can access any of your game menus from here, but clicking on any item on these menus will do nothing. For example, clicking on items in inventory will not give you an items name or appear selected (yellow circle). The only way to exit the glitch is to force the game to close, typically by ejecting the Game Card.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[edit]

Standing Glitch[edit]

PC Standing Glitch.png

This is only happens if two or more villagers are drinking coffee on the player's campsite. If the player starts talking to the first villager, they're standing normal, however if the player talks to the second villager, they now do a weird-looking pose. This happens with other characters who are drinking coffee (except the one). If the game resets, the villagers who have the glitched pose will remain. However, if the player leaves and returns to the campsite, their poses are normal. It was fixed in 1.3.0.

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