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Golden Axe WW Icon.png The Golden Axe trading event is an unofficial name for a trading sequence in Animal Crossing: Wild World that involves trading various items to different special characters. This is the only method of acquiring the Golden Axe, a tool which can be used to cut down trees without the risk of breaking. Additionally, the event may end with receiving pictures of Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, or Pascal instead of the Golden Axe depending on which items are given for the trades.


Below are the steps to obtain the Golden Axe. All items required to progress the quest can only be obtained through the quest.

  1. When Wendell is in town, giving him a Red Turnip, which can be bought from Joan, will result in him giving the player either a Turban or Country Guitar.
    • A Country Guitar can be given to K.K. Slider in exchange for his picture.
  2. When Saharah is in town, giving her the Turban will result in her giving the player a Massage Chair.
    • A Red Vase can be given to Redd to receive a Safe, which can be given to Tom Nook for his picture.
  3. When Tortimer is outside for an event, if the Massage Chair is given to him he will give the player a Scallop.
  4. When Pascal is in town, if the player gives him the Scallop, he will reward them with either the Golden Axe or his picture.