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Here are some tips to get a perfect town rating so players can get a golden watering can.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

  • Players can use designs to lay out 16x16 patterns in their town.
  • Players should plant 12-16 trees and 6-10 flowers in each acre. Rivers are part of an acre too. It may be hard to estimate the number of cells in a river, so it is probably useful to start from the other side of town instead.
  • Players must remove all weeds. About 3-4 spawn daily. Dandelions are weeds, too, but count as flowers.
  • Trash must be removed. Seashells and fruit are not seen as trash, although players may pick those up as well if they want their town to look tidy.
  • Although players are aiming to get a golden watering can, they should buy a normal one for the meantime to water their flowers every day. As with weeds, 3-4 flowers also spawn daily. If players buy 50 bags of seeds, they get a silver can from "Posy Farm". A silver watering can revive dead red turnips.
  • It may take players a while to get it, but a windmill increases the town beauty. For players to get one, they first should donate 200,000 Bells to the town fund to get a bridge. Then, they should donate 500,000 Bells to get a fountain. And finally, they should donate an additional 1,000,000 Bells to get a windmill. Players can also use a lighthouse instead.

The town's rating will be "This town is Fantastic! [town name] is in a perfect condition! Yup. It's pretty sweeeet!". Once this status is maintained for 15 days, the golden watering can will be available.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, only the mayor is able to find out what the residents think of the town. By talking to Isabelle at the mayor's office, the player can ask about citizen satisfaction. Isabelle will share anonymous messages with the player about what the townspeople think of the current state of the town. Sometimes there will be a message from the old mayor, Tortimer.

  • Things the player can do to improve the town's perfect rating include keeping it clean of trash. Keep items in lockers or inside of houses and keep them off the ground.
  • Weeds will take away from the beauty of the town. Enacting the Beautiful Town ordinance as mayor will discourage weeds from growing. The player can also talk to Leif about pulling weeds from the town. The small clover patches on the ground do not contribute to the weed count
  • Flowers may help with the beauty of the town. Flowers can be bought from Leif in the Nookling store.
  • Townspeople love lots of public works projects that beautify the town.
  • Certain public works projects are considered "ugly" or "unattractive" and will take away from citizen satisfaction. This includes the trash bin and tire toy.

Once the town has a perfect status, it is possible to get special items, mushrooms, and flowers in the town.

  • In a perfect town, Jacob's Ladder flowers will grow along the cliffs and the rare mushroom will grow around certain trees. Jacob's Ladder is a small white flower with bell-shaped petals. The Jacob's Ladder will not disappear if the player loses his/her perfect town status. The rare mushrooms are very valuable and will be in the ground around tree stumps in perfect towns only.
  • When the player asks about citizen satisfaction after 15 days in a row of perfect town status, Isabelle will gift the mayor with the golden watering can. The golden watering can water 9 flowers at once.