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Please read: Since the FlashMP3 extension has been broken, it is recommended that you upload Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files instead.

You can use MP3 files in your articles. Please see the following excerpt from the Extension:MP3 page to learn how to use audio in your articles effectively.

Syntax (default player)[edit]

Base Syntax[edit]


filename.mp3 is the name of a file that has been uploaded to the wiki, without the 'File:' prefix. Additional parameters are optional.

Parameter Reference[edit]

Option Effect
autostart=yes The player will automatically open and start to play the track (default value is no)
loop=yes The track will be looped indefinitely (default value is no)
bg=0xHHHHHH Background colour option (where HHHHHH is a valid hexadecimal colour value such as FFFFFF or 009933)
leftbg=0xHHHHHH Left background colour
rightbg=0xHHHHHH Right background colour
rightbghover=0xHHHHHH Right background colour (hover)
lefticon=0xHHHHHH Left icon colour
righticon=0xHHHHHH Right icon colour
righticonhover=0xHHHHHH Right icon colour (hover)
text=0xHHHHHH Text colour
slider=0xHHHHHH Slider colour
loader=0xHHHHHH Loader bar colour
track=0xHHHHHH Progress track colour
border=0xHHHHHH Progress track border colour

Multiple files[edit]

Multiple files can be played in one FlashMP3 player one after the other by separating them with comma.

Multiple players[edit]

Multiple FlashMP3 players on one site can be achieved by giving them an id.

<flashmp3 id="2">secondmp3.mp3</flashmp3>


<flashmp3>Rainy Day.mp3</flashmp3>

Plays an uploaded mp3-file called Rainy Day.mp3. <flashmp3>Rainy Day.mp3</flashmp3>

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