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This article is all about using redirects on Nookipedia. It will teach you how to add and use redirects.

What is a redirect?[edit]

A redirect is simply a page which when accessed, will load a different page. For instance if you search for the page Help, it will send you straight to Help:Contents. They are used in situations where multiple commonly searched pages have the same meaning (such as Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City).

How to create a redirect[edit]

To redirect a page to a new page, place #REDIRECT [[New Page]] in the article.

The target page can be an actual page or another redirect. Redirects can go on forever although we recommend doing a straight redirect rather than a hurdled redirect (a redirect linking to another redirect). Redirects can be used at anytime, even in template links.

Moving (renaming) a page will automatically create a redirect to the new title. Only Administrators are able to move pages without creating a redirect.

Using Redirects[edit]

Redirects are automatic, but you can append redirect=no to any page URL to edit the redirect.