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This article is about the Chinese video game company. For the video game console based on the Nintendo 64, see iQue Player. For the Chinese port of Doubutsu no Mori released on the iQue Player, see Dòngwù Sēnlín.
iQue, Ltd.
IQue Logo.svg
Type Subsidiary
Founded December 6, 2002
Headquarters Suzhou, China
Industry Video games
Consumer electronics

iQue, Ltd. (Chinese: 神游科技 Pinyin: Shényóu Kējì) is a Chinese video game subsidiary of Nintendo. It was founded in 2002 as a joint venture with Wei Yen, with the intention of releasing Nintendo video games and video game hardware to China in the midst of piracy and a then-ongoing ban of video game consoles in the region. The company is well-known for its release of the iQue Player, a video game console based on the Nintendo 64. Other systems released by iQue included the iQue Game Boy Advance, iQue DS, and iQue 3DS XL. Nintendo has since ceased releasing their consoles under the iQue brand, instead partnering with video game company Tencent to release the Nintendo Switch in China.

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