Grab Bag (Animal Crossing)

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Type of other item Grab Bag  
Grab Bag
Buy price Sell price
 Varies Bells  Varies Bells
Obtain via  Tom Nook's store (Sale Day)
Names in other languages
 bolsa sorpresa
 borsa sorpresa

Grab Bags are a flower bag item in Animal Crossing. They each contain three items, which can be furniture, clothing, wallpaper, carpet, or a pinwheel. The former four item types have a 25% chance of appearing in a Grab Bag and can appear multiple times in the same bag,[nb 1] while a pinwheel has a 50% chance of appearing instead of one of the other items and can only appear once in a single bag.

Grab Bags can be obtained from Tom Nook's store on Sale Day, where they take the place of all non-furniture or clothing items. Their price is equivalent to the current year.[nb 2] Additionally, a Grab Bag is contained in the "Special Data" Memory Card that was included with the game; this Grab Bag always contains "K.K. Love Song"[nb 3] and two NES games.


  1. The furniture, clothing, wallpaper, and carpets obtained from Grab Bags are always from the town's rare item group.
  2. For example, if it is 2022, a Grab Bag will cost  2,022 Bells.
  3. "K.K. Lullaby" in Doubutsu no Mori e+