Hopscotch floor (City Folk)

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Hopscotch floor


Texture of hopscotch floor

Buy price Sell price
 960 Bells  240 Bells
Obtain via
HRA points 1111
In other games
New Leaf (hopscotch floor)
New Horizons (hopscotch flooring)
Names in other languages
 jeu de marelle
 suelo rayuela
 gioco campana
 땅따먹기 바닥
 jeu de marelle
 suelo rayuela

The hopscotch floor is a downloadable carpet item in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

The hopscotch floor could be obtained in a letter from Nintendo if the player was connected to WiiConnect24 during the item's distribution period.

No villagers have this item in their home.


The following table lists which in which regions and on what dates the hopscotch floor was known to have been distributed. This list may be incomplete.

Region Date(s) Ref.
United States of America United States Aug 15 – 29, 2009 [1]


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