Lively Plaid Dress (New Horizons)

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Type of dress-up Lively Plaid Dress  
Lively Plaid Dress
Lively Plaid Dress
Buy price Sell price
 1800 Bells  450 Bells
Obtain via  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Styles Cute
Label themes Everyday / Fairy Tale
Name in other languages
 발랄한 튜닉 원피스
 robe écossaise acidulée
 robe écossaise acidulée
 vestido tartán vivaz
 vestido escocés vivaz
 vestito tartan vivace
 яркое платье в клетку
 vrolijke plaidjurk

The Lively Plaid Dress is a dress-up item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Lively Plaid Dress can be obtained from Mabel before building Able Sisters, or from the shop once it has opened for  1800 Bells.

This item is worn by the following villagers: Bunnie Bunnie.