Lunar horizon (Wild World)

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Space Theme

Lunar horizon


Texture of lunar horizon

Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  1,900 Bells
Obtain via
 Saharah (deliver wallpaper/carpet)
Rarity group None
In other games
Animal Crossing (lunar horizon)
City Folk (lunar horizon)
New Leaf (lunar horizon)
New Horizons (starry-sky wall)
Names in other languages
 별이 빛나는 벽지
 muro lunare
 décor lunaire
 horizonte lunar

The lunar horizon is a wallpaper item in Animal Crossing: Wild World. It is part of the Space Theme.

The lunar horizon can be obtained from Saharah if the player delivers a wallpaper or carpet for her.

This item appears in the homes of Aurora, Filbert, Octavian, Puddles, Ribbot, Ruby, Simon, and Victoria as the default wallpaper.