Pleasant Feeling Painting (Doubutsu no Mori+)

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Type of furniture Pleasant Feeling Painting  
Pleasant Feeling Painting
Buy price Sell price
 1,960 Bells  490 Bells
1.0 x 1.0  1 × 1
Obtain via  Tom Nook's store

Also available from...

 Booker (Common)
 Balloons (Rare)
 Any villager
 One Day Sale

Rarity group C [nb 1]
HRA points 51
Feng shui None
Names in other languages

The Pleasant Feeling Painting is a furniture item in Doubutsu no Mori and Doubutsu no Mori+. As a painting, it can be donated to the museum.

The Pleasant Feeling Painting can be obtained from Tom Nook's store for  1,960 Bells.[nb 2] It does not have any color for the purpose of fêng shui.

In Doubutsu no Mori, this item appears in the homes of Pecan, Valise, and Yuka.

In Doubutsu no Mori+, this item appears in the homes of Nosegay, Pecan, Valise, and Yuka.

For villagers who have the Pleasant Feeling Painting placed on the floor in their house, there is a chance that the villager will gift it to the player.


  1. Each item belongs in one of three rarity groups (A, B, or C), and each group is mapped to a rarity when the town is created. For example, in one town Group A furniture may be common while in another town, Group A furniture will be rare.
  2. As a standard item available from Tom Nook's store, this item is also available from the following sources: Redd; the dump; shaking trees; gifts from villagers, campers, and Mom; the player's birthday; Wisp; Chip; balloons (if the item's rarity group is rare); and the Lost & Found (if the item's rarity group is common)