Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant (New Horizons)

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Type of other item Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant NH Inv Icon.png
Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  350 Bells
Obtain via  Pumpkin Start (After being planted)
 Orange Pumpkin (After being planted)
Stack 1
Name in other languages
 다 자란 주황색 호박
 citrouille orange mûre
 citrouille orange mûre
 calabaza naranja madura
 calabaza naranja madura
 pianta zucca aranc. matura
 взрослая оранжев. тыква
 Orangekürbis (reif)
 rijpe oranje-pompoenplant

The Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.5.0 Fall Update. The plant produces Orange Pumpkins for the player to pick. By default, only one Orange Pumpkin is produced, but up to three Orange Pumpkins can be produced if a Watering Can is used.

The Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant can be obtained from growing a Pumpkin Start or a Orange Pumpkin. When planting from a Pumpkin Start, it has a 70% of growing to a Ripe Orange-Pumpkin Plant. The plant can be relocated by digging it up.