Stone path permit (New Horizons)

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Construction Helmet NH Inv Icon.png Stone path permit Type of other item
Stone path permit
Buy price Sell price
 2,000 Miles Cannot be sold
Obtain via  Nook Stop (from the "Redeem Nook Miles" section)
Stack 1
Names in other languages
 돌 도로 공사
 permis route pavée
 permis route pavée
 permiso camino empedrado
 permiso camino empedrado
 licenza selciato
 лицензия: каменн. дорога

The stone path permit is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once purchased, the player is able to construct stone paths. This item cannot be placed in the player's storage.

The stone path permit can be obtained from Nook Stop for  2,000 Nook Miles.

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