Terra-cotta tile permit (New Horizons)

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Construction Helmet NH Inv Icon.png Terra-cotta tile permit Type of other item
Terra-cotta tile permit
Buy price Sell price
 2,000 Miles Cannot be sold
Obtain via  Nook Stop (from the "Redeem Nook Miles" section)
Stack 1
Names in other languages
 테라코타 타일 도로 공사
 permis pavés terracotta
 permis pavés terracotta
 permiso camino terracota
 permiso camino terracota
 licenza strada di terracotta
 лицензия: террак. дорога

The terra-cotta tile permit is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once purchased, the player is able to construct terra-cotta paths. This item cannot be placed in the player's storage.

The terra-cotta tile permit can be obtained from Nook Stop for  2,000 Nook Miles.

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