Tomates al ajillo (New Horizons)

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Type of furniture Tomates al ajillo Type of miscellaneous furniture #1,767
Tomates al ajillo
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  1,260 Bells
Height Size
Boy 1 NH Silhouette.png
1.0 x 1.0 1.0 × 1.0
Obtain via  Cooking
Recipe Tomato
Recipe type Savory (#820)
Recipe obtained via  Any villager
 Restaurant (from the chef)
Edible Yes (provides 5 energy points)
Customize No customization options.
HHA themes Party / Restaurant
HHA points 103
Names in other languages
 토마토 아히요
 plat de tomates à l'ail
 plat de tomates à l'ail
 sartén de tomates al ajillo
 sartén de tomates al ajillo
 tapa di pomodorini all'aglio
 помидоры аль ахийо
 Tomates al ajillo
 gemarineerde tomaten

The tomates al ajillo is a miscellaneous furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. As a miscellaneous item, it can be placed on either the ground or on the surfaces of tables and other similar furniture items that have surfaces for items. The tomates al ajillo is edible and by eating it, the player will earn five energy points to be able to relocate trees or break rocks.

The tomates al ajillo can be obtained from cooking, which requires tomato. The recipe for this item can be obtained from any villagers, either when they are cooking in their house, or when the player receives their message bottle from the beach. The recipe can also be received from the chef working at the restaurant in Happy Home Paradise.

No villagers have this item in their home.

In Happy Home Paradise, this item is unlocked for use in designing when doing a vacation home request for Beau and Ketchup.


Real-world information

Al ajillo is a condiment served on cuisines in Spanish-speaking countries. The condiment is composed of chili pepper, and varies between cultures. More information on this topic is available at Wikipedia.