Mr. Resetti/New Leaf Dialogs

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When the player quits the game without saving, Mr. Resetti may appear. However, he will only ever appear once unless the Resetti Surveillance Center is built. For the dialogues in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, see below:

First dialogue[edit]

Rather than Mr. Resetti appearing at the player's house, he will instead appear right after Isabelle loads the town. Until the Reset Surveillance Center is built, this will be the only time the player will encounter Mr. Resetti.

Hey, 'scuze me! Mind if I bend yer ear for a bit? Won't take a second.
Lessee... Uh... Oh, right. I should introduce myself proper and such. The name's Resetti.
Most people call me Mr. Resetti, on account of me bein' a respected member of the community and such.
Lookin' forward to workin' with ya!
...'Course, this'll probably be the last time ya ever see me since there ain't no center or nothin'...
Ahem, so, it says here you quit without saving last time ya played. Care to explain yourself?

(Select "I wanted a do-over.")
Oh, a do-over, huh? Somethin' didn't quite go your way, is that the deal?
Well, I guess that's one way to play it...
But don't ya think that just maybe it'd be more rewardin' to roll with them punches you're takin'?
That's definitely how I'd most likely recommend ya play the game.
Don'tcha wanna do the right thing and save? For the kids? For the whales? C'mon - save the whales!

(Select "My batteries ran out.")
Aw, man, ain't that a kick in the moleskins!
'Tween you and me, them batteries don't last quite as long as they used to when I was a li'l mole...
D'ya think I could get ya to be more careful about charging up in a timely manner going forward from here?
'Preciate it...

(Select "I had no choice!")
WHAT?! Haaaaa, that's a darned shame is what that is!
I dunno nuthin' about machines, so I can't really help ya out there.
But I hope from the bottom of my mole heart that such an awful thing never happens to you again!

...Wassat? You were expecting something a little different?
Heh... Yeah, here's the thing. The Reset Surveillance Center? It don't exist no more.
When they were drawin' up the town budget for this fiscal year, folks were all like:
"What's wrong with a little reset every now and then?" "We don't got the funds for this nonsense!"
Blah blah and so on and so forth... So ya see, I ain't here on official business or nothin'.
I'm just volunteerin' this once. So next time you reset, I ain't gonna pop out.
This is it.. Ol' Resetti's out...
Course, if you were to use your mayoral powers to restore the center, well that'd be different.
And if that should come to pass, I'd be back on the job in full force! Unstoppable mole power!
But listen to me! Runnin' my trap like a fancy pirate or somethin'!
Good luck with all your future endeavors! Take care now! And buh-bye!

Second dialogue[edit]

Regardless if the player saved before quitting last time, Mr. Resetti will show up once the Reset Surveillance Center is built.

How do ya do, Mr./Ms. Mayor!

(If the player saved before quitting last time)
Now don't ya worry. I know ya made sure to save last time, so I ain't here to chew ya out.

(If the player did not save before quitting last time)
Now don't worry, I'm not here to read ya the riot act about not saving. Yer off the hook today!

Naw, I'm here to thank ya!
Ahem... For bein' so gracious as to establish the Reset Surveillance Center...
allow me to extend ya my most heartfelt thanks! So thanks!
With this I can finally get back to monitorin' reset behavior in town!
I guess this means ya see how important it is for me to keep chewin' ya out when ya reset!
That's how I'm takin' it anyway... Well, don't worry! Next time I'll give ya the verbal lashin' of a lifetime!
Oh yeah. Just one last thing...
I know yer the mayor, but the center is off limits, even to you! Them's the breaks!
Resetti out!

Third dialogue[edit]

Hey! Excuse me! I'm from the Reset Surveillance Center, and I need a few minutes of your time.
Here's the deal. Last time you played, you quit without savin'. How'd that happen?

(Select "I wanted to reset.")
OK, I got it. Yeah, I figured that might be the case.
Know what gave it away? Your face, that's what.
I've been at this job for years, kid, and I can see right through ya!
Before ya start with the questions, lemme explain a few things to ya.
Somebody resets and lights start flashin' all over the Reset Center. We always know. ALWAYS!
The system works, pal. Trust me. And there ain't no reason for you to be testin' it!
Just stop with the resettin' already. When you're done playin' your game, make sure you Save and quit!
You got it? Learned your lesson?
Oh yeah, one last thing...
People don't drink "expresso." It's "espresso." "Expresso" ain't even a thing! Don't ya forget it!
Now scram!

(Select "My batteries died.")
Really? Batteries? They just went kaput on ya, huh? Mmm...
Do us both a favor. Try to keep 'em charged. Keep an eye on 'em at all times, OK?
A little request from me to you. Yeah, see ya 'round.

(Select "I don't remember.")
That so? Ya really don't remember a thing? Huh...
Well, I got no clues, and I ain't no detective or nuthin'. Sorry for the trouble.

Fourth dialogue[edit]

Selecting "My batteries died" or "I don't remember" from now on will make Mr. Resetti say the same dialogue as he does in the third (unless Don Resetti is there instead). Choosing these options will not skip an "I wanted to reset", only delay it until the next time "I wanted to reset" is chosen. All future dialogue listings here will simply assume that "I wanted to reset" was chosen.

Hey, how ya doin'? I'm with the Reset Surveillance Center. I need a few minutes of your time.
Yeah, so, last time ya played, looks like you quit without savin'. How'd that happen?
And here we go. "I wanted to reset" ain't the answer I'm lookin' for... You're a real piece of work, kid.
Listen up. I'm gonna lead ya to water one more time, and you're gonna drink!
Ya ready for this? You're playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and havin' yourself a grand ol' time.
It's about time to call it a day... So, what's your next move?
Huh? What was that? Ya press START and choose Save and quit? Winner, winner, earthworm dinner!
Ya do that, and all the stuff ya done in the day gets remembered, see?
But if ya forget... Them fish ya caught? The furniture ya finally got? Them memories ya made?
POOF! All gone in an instant! Nobody wants to see that. So don't forget to save properly!
And I know all 'bout them cheatin' punks who reset on purpose too!
Somethin' didn't go their way. Their shoes were too tight or their ma was mean or whatever...
So they just quit without savin'. They erase it from ever happenin'. They're using reset for do-overs!
Findin' them resettin' cheaters and readin' 'em the riot act is what the Reset Center pays me for. Got it?
Maybe you've heard the old wives' tale about moles never gettin' angry for anything? Yeah?
Well them wives were off their rockers, 'cause this mole ain't takin' no guff from punk kids!
Next time you see me, I'll be wearin' my ANGRY hat. You've been warned!
Oh yeah. One last thing...
They call it "cole" slaw, not "cold" slaw. I don't really see the big deal, but...
"Gee, Ma," I says. "Give a mole a break. It ain't like I said HOT slaw." Hey! Whatcha lookin' at, punk?!?

Fifth dialogue[edit]

Hey! Hey, you! I'm with the Reset Center. I need a few minutes of your time.
Here's the deal. Last time ya played, ya quit without savin'.
Ya wanna tell me how that could have happened?
Huh. That so?
Gimme a sec, will ya? I gotta switch gears. Ahem. LET'S DO THIS!

(Mr. Resetti burrows underground, then comes back up)

Ain't had to yell like that for ages. I'm seeing spots over here.
Know what I think? I think ya got a melon made of titanium or something.
Answer me this, kid: Is there a reset button in real life?
If ya tank a test, can ya hit rewind and take it again?
How 'bout if ya oversleep? Can ya rewind time and get your tuchus outta bed? Huh?
Course ya can't! Ya know why that is? It's called life!
Look, in a game, OK, ya can reset and try the same thing over and over again.
But ya know what, [player]? That time ya spent playin'? It's gone, and ya ain't gettin' it back.
If some piddlin' thing don't go your way, who cares? What's the big deal? It's just a game...
..... Pshhh...
"What's up with this mole? How long's he gonna yell at me?" Yeah, that's the face you're makin'.
All right. Whatever. Maybe I overdid it a bit. All this yappin's got me real worn out.
Bet you're tired of it too, huh? Let's call it a day, all right? But ya gotta promise me!
When you're done playin', ya gotta SAVE AND QUIT! OR ELSE! ...We clear?
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
Ya know how sometimes you get to a point in a conversation where the whole thing's a "mute" point?
Well it ain't on mute! The point's "moot"! "MOOT"! Like a cow! Ya can't mute a cow!
That's my language tip of the day. Whaddya want? I'm a cultured mole.

Sixth dialogue[edit]

This time, Don Resetti shows up instead.

Whoa! What's up with the racket? My achin' ears are gonna be ringin' for hours after that!
OK, right, nice to meetcha, Mayor!
I'm Sonny's big brother. Name's Don. Thanks for puttin' up with the kid. I know what a pain he can be.
Sonny's blood pressure got a bit higher than it shoulda, so he's sittin' at home just takin' a load off...
And here I am takin' care of things for the family business. So let's just get into it. Ahem...
[Player], it looks like last time you played, you quit without saving. Wanna tell me what happened?

(Select "I wanted to reset")
OK. Here we go... Sonny has this thing where he yells and lectures and gets all carried away.
I'm sure it's caused some troubles with folk, and for that I offer my sincerest apologies.
But, ya know, and, yeah, this is coming from his brother, he ain't a bad mole. So give him a break, OK?
It's one thing to be passionate about the job, but he can be a bit inflexible, ya know? Yeah.
Tact ain't his strong suit. And that mouth! A way with words he ain't got. Not much goin' for him...
But he's a good mole, so cut him some slack, will ya? Do it for ol' Don.
Aw, where's my head? I don't take care of business, then HQ's gonna have to put me on a report...
All right, here goes nothin'. Ahem. AHEM. Me-ma-mole.
Uh... Resettin' ain't no good. So, um, don't do it, [Player]! We crystal? Ya know, like clear?
Do yourself a solid, and remember what I just told ya. Hmm... Yeah, I think that should cover it.
Now if you don't mind, I gotta be gettin' back. Be a good kid and stay outta trouble! See ya!

(Select "My batteries died")
Ah... The batteries ran out on ya, huh?
I hate to trouble ya, pal, but do us all a favor and charge those puppies in advance, OK?
Thanks for your cooperation. Great. Uh...see ya!

(Select "I don't remember") Hmm. You don't remember...
I hear ya. I got some faulty memory wiring upstairs too. Yup, it can be a real headache some days...
Sorry to bug ya with this. All right. See ya around!

Seventh dialogue[edit]

(Mr. Resetti comes up facing away from the player)

Hey, I'm with the Reset Cen... Huh?

(He turns around)

Oh, there you are...
Hey, it's me from the Reset Center. Can I get a few minutes of your time? Thanks.
So, uh, last time ya played, looks like ya quit without savin'. How'd that happen?
What's that? Really?
In that case, gimme just one second, will ya! Kaff kaff! HERE WE GO!

(Mr. Resetti burrows underground, then comes back up)

Haaa, haaa... I'm just gettin' over bein' sick. I ain't ready for this yet!
But you! You don't seem to have gotten the message yet! Grrr!


But you! You're the type of person who don't listen to nobody. Grr! Let's do this one more time.

Here goes... Let's forget about other games for a minute, OK?
This here is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's a special case.
What I'm suggestin' to ya, ya little twerp, is that ya try playin' this game WITHOUT resettin'.
Look at it this way: There's no resettin' in real life, is there? No, of course not. That'd be crazy.
Look, I know you're thinkin', "This is a game! Leave me alone already!" I hear ya, but...
It ain't happenin'! The Reset Center is here to enforce the rules, and ya gotta make your peace with that!
Think YOU got it rough? When the reset alarm goes off, it don't really matter if I'm eatin' or takin' a bath.
I could be dreamin' of chocolate-flavored earthworms... IT DON'T MATTER! I gotta dig. End of story.
You can't see from up there, but I didn't have time to put on my socks and shoes! GAAH! Now then...
I'm tired of yappin'. How 'bout we call it a day? But listen to me! No more resettin'! We clear?
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
Ya know when ya say somethin' happened 'cause some other thing caused it?
Like "I chalked up his resttin' ways to not knowin' the rules"... Ya ever hear that one before?
Notice how I said "chalk", not "chuck." That's 'cause I ain't throwin' nothin'. "Chuck" means "throw."
Don't throw things. Ya could put an eye out. It's all fun and games until a mole loses an eye.

Eighth dialogue[edit]

From the eighth encounter on, one of the following dialogues will be randomly selected. Most of these dialogues will automatically continue without pressing the A button. The ending to each dialogue depends on how rapidly the player pressed the A button while Mr. Resetti was speaking. Additionally, the grammar tip Resetti gives at the end will be randomly generated (variants are listed at the bottom).


Hey, you! Yeah, it's me again. You wanna tell your ol' pal Resetti what happened?
Aha! Ya did, did ya? That's how this is gonna play out?
It's GO time! Don't you move a single resettin' muscle! I'll be right with ya!
...Dirt clods! I gotta run through this all again, don't I? Fine! Get your head outta the clouds and listen up!
Ahem. Testing 1, 2, 3... AHEM! Let's forget about other games, shall we? It's hard, but just do it.
This here's Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Notice how that title is still different from those other games?
One of my duties is to ask that ya play this game without any of that... guh... resettin' nonsense.
I know what you're thinkin'. "I can play any way I want. It's MY game." And I hear ya, believe you me.
But here's the deal: this game's got its own rules. Accept that and ya save us both a mudslide of trouble.
I hope that sunk in. Let's see... what's that next part? Earthworm recipes? Naw, that ain't right...
C'mon, Resetti, think... Oh yeah! There ain't no reset button in the real world.
...Good. Got that taken care of.
That means... Right, time to tell ya there ain't no do-overs in life.
Don't get mad at me. I don't got nuthin' to do with that rule...

(If the player did not press the A button)
Yo... Ya better not be sleepin'. Hmm... Ya been so quiet, I was thinkin' you was in dreamland.
But if ya say you've been listenin', I'll take ya at your word. Trust - it's a two-way street, ya know?
All right, I think ya learned your lesson. Go do somethin' fun. But, hey! NO MORE RESETTIN'!
Oh, yeah, one last thing.
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button a moderate amount of times)
What's that look? "I might be listenin', but maybe not." THAT LOOK! That look's for CHUMPS!
Ya know somethin'? That look's like muddy fur, a cold bath, and strong chill all wrapped together...
Ah, I'm outta steam here. You're on your own. Get movin', and remember: no more resettin'!
Oh, yeah, one last thing.
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button repeatedly)
What ya got against buttons?!
They didn't reset your game! YOU DID!
I counted [#] button taps! You know how many times that is?! TOO MANY!
You think your thumbs got some sort of unlimited mashin' powers?! 'Cause they don't! Give 'em a rest!
Enough is enough. I'm all outta get-up-and-go juice. You can hit the road, pal. Scram already.
Just show a little dignity and stop resettin'!
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
(Grammar tip)


Hey, you. Ya lookin' for me? Then why is it you're seein' me today?
Really? That's how it is? That's how ya wanna play it?
Alrighty then. Ya got my back against the tunnel. Stay there. I'll be right with ya!

(Mr. Resetti burrows underground, then comes back up)

...Fine! I'm gonna walk ya through this one more time. Clean the dirt outta your ears, and listen up!
AHEM! Forget about all the other games ya play. This ain't got nuthin' to do with them.
This here's Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Ya notice I didn't mention any other games, right?
We strongly...STRONGLY suggest ya skip all the resettin' business when you're playin' this here game.
"But this is my game! I can play any way I want!" Yeah, I know what you're thinking'. Believe you me!
But them's the rules, pal. Stop bangin' your head against the rules. You're gonna concuss yourself.
Great. Glad that's clear. Now, what's next? Uh...yeah...
Ah! Got it! There ain't no such thing as a reset button in real life, right? Course not...
Nobody gets do-overs. That's life... Sometimes it ain't fair!

(If the player did not press the A button)
Yo... You awake? OK, all right. Ya been so quiet, I thought you was catchin' some z's.
OK, looks like I was wrong. Good thing too, 'cause I woulda been really peeved!
All right, I guess you've learned your lesson for the day.
I'm lettin' ya go for now. But I'm beggin' ya - enough of this resettin' business! Got that?!
Oh, yeah, and one last thing.
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button a moderate amount of times)
Ya kiddin' me? What's with that "I might be listenin', but I might not be" face? I don't like that face!
I see that face, and I wanna pack up my pickaxe and tunnel for home...
Ah, whatever! I've had enough'a this mess! But I'm warnin' ya - no more resettin'! Ya got that?!
Oh, yeah, and one last thing
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button repeatedly)
Enough with the button mashin' already!
You're gonna break somethin' vital!
Ya wanna know the number?! Yeah, [#] times! That's how many button mashes I counted!
Ya goin' for a world record or somethin'? Get ahold of yourself!
Hah... I'm done. I got nothin' left in the tank. I'm done with ya, ya silly, button-pressin' timewaster.


Hah... I'm done. I got nothin' left in the tank. I've got no time for silly button-pressin' twerps.

Just do me a solid, will ya? Grow up and stop resettin'!
Oh, yeah, and one last thing.
(Grammar tip)


Hey there. How's it goin'?
Yeah... Last time you played, looks like you kinda quit without savin'. What's the deal?
AHA! Guilty as charged! Uh-huh! UH-HUH!
Alrighty then. Don't you move! I'll be right with ya!

(Mr. Resetti burrows underground, then comes back up)

...All right! Let's run through this one more time. All you gotta do is stand there and listen. Clear?!
AHEM! I know there's a lot of other games out there with strange rules, but we ain't talkin' 'bout them!
This here's Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Emphasis on that "new" part there.
We strongly...STRONGLY suggest you play this game without none'a that resettin'.
"It's my game! I can do what I want!" Sure, I know what you're thinkin'! And I get it. Really, I do.
But rules is rules. Sooner you get on board the Resetti bus and accept 'em, the better off we'll all be!

OR But rules is rules. Sooner you get off the stubborn bus and accept 'em, the better off we'll all be!

Ya get what I'm yappin' about, right? Now let's see... What else was I gonna tell ya. Uh...
Yeah, that's it. Ain't no reset button in real life... There ain't no do-overs, yada, yada...
Lemme skip to the end... Ya gotta play the cards life deals ya. If ya don't... YA LOSE, BIG TIME!

(If the player did not press the A button)
Yo... You awake over there? You been so quiet, I was worried ya might have drifted off on me.
So really? Ya been listenin' the whole time? No quick catnaps? Perfect. I like that.
Looks like ya learned your lesson, so let's call it a day. But listen! Don't make me come back here!
Oh yeah, one last thing.
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button a moderate amount of times)
What's wrong with your face? Hm? Ya listenin'? Not listenin'?
How's a mole to know? Do I look like I'm a mind reader or a people person? Not so much.
That look ya got on your face right now, that makes me lose all will to do my job with any gusto...
Know what? I've had enough of this for one day. I'm headin' for home. No more resettin'! Ya got it?! Oh, yeah, one last thing.
(Grammar tip)

(If the player pressed the A button repeatedly)
You tryin' to break your buttons or somethin'?
I counted [#] mashes!
Give it a rest, will ya? This ain't no button-pressin' contest! Who do you think you are, Buttons McGee?!
I doubt you even know who that is, or even if that's a real person.
All right, that's it. I give. This mole's done for the day. I'm cuttin' ya free, punk!
But, please, for the love of all that is good and filled with dirt, no more resettin'! Got that?!
Oh, yeah, one last thing.
(Grammar tip)


A really bad headache is called a "migraine," not a "mindgrain."
It's painful, but it ain't some fancy health food for your noggin!

When ya don't care 'bout somethin', ya "couldn't care less." If ya "could care less," that means ya still care.
It ain't that tough. "Couldn't care" means ya don't care. Stop carin' 'bout stuff ya don't care 'bout!

Ya don't get a "new leash on life." Ya get a "new lease." A "new lease" means you're excited 'bout livin'.
New leash? That means ya got a new pet or somethin'!

Non-mayor dialogues[edit]

If a player who is not the mayor of the town resets, they will get different dialogues from Mr. Resetti. He will not show up at all to non-mayors until the Reset Surveillance Center is built.

First dialogue[edit]

Hey! Excuse me!
I'm from the, uh, Reset Surveillance Center. Name's Resetti.
You can call me Mr. Resetti. 'Cause that's my name. Not my full name, but you ain't my ma, so...
Anyway, nice to meetcha.
By the way, last time ya played, maybe ya forgot to save before ya quit?
Now I know when things don't go the way you want 'em to, you can reset and try your luck again.
Yeah, I guess that's one way to play...
But takin' what life gives ya and rollin' with the punches? That's a better ride in my book.
That's how this mole suggests you play the game. My suggestion.
What I'm tellin' ya is the mayor of this burg set up the Reset Center for a reason.
Resettin's frowned upon here in [town], and it's my job to see people follow the rules. Got it?
When you're finished playin', ya gotta save! We clear here? I hope so! Don't need no stress!
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
It ain't "bob wire." It's "barbed wire." It's got barbs. It ain't got bobs! NO BOBS!