Raffle Tickets

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A Raffle Ticket

Raffle Tickets are items in the Animal Crossing series that only appear in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. After purchasing furniture or other expensive material from Tom Nook's Store, the player will receive a raffle ticket. Every five raffle tickets gives the player one chance at receiving a rare item at the lottery. Up to 5 raffle tickets can be stored in one spot in the player's inventory. Every month, the color of the raffle ticket changes. If there is not enough room for the raffle ticket in the players pockets, it is mailed to them. The raffle happens on the last day of the month, and there are three top prizes. In Animal Crossing the player would spin the machine and if a white ball came out, it would mean a fail, but if a different colored ball came out it would mean that the player had won a prize. During raffle day the player cannot buy or sell items at the store.