Redd's Cookie

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Redd's Cookie is a food item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that is obtained during Fireworks Shows. During the show, which takes place every Sunday in August, Redd will set up a Cookie Stand and will sell Redd's Cookies to the player for 500 Bells. Once the cookie is eaten, the player will receive a ticket, which can be returned to Redd before midnight to receive a special prize. However, some tickets may be duds, which results in Redd giving the player a consolation prize of either a sparkler or Roman Candle.

List of prizes[edit]

Main prizes[edit]

Name Description Reward(s) Item Reference
Bang Ticket "Congrats! You got a bang prize!" Boxed figurine --
Sparkle Ticket "Congrats! You got a sparkle prize!" Miniature Car --
Flash Ticket "Congrats! You got a flash prize!" Lovely Phone --
Pow Ticket "Congrats! You got a pow prize!" Love tester A reference to the novelty Love Tester developed by Nintendo in 1969.
Whiz Ticket "Congrats! You got a whiz prize!" Ten Billion Barrel A reference to the Nintendo tumbler puzzle.
Crackle Ticket "Congrats! You got a crackle prize!" Ultra Hand A reference to the Ultra Hand developed by Nintendo in 1966.
Pop Ticket "Congrats! You got a pop prize!" Ultra Machine A reference to the Ultra Machine developed by Nintendo in 1967.
Kaboom Ticket "Congrats! You got a kaboom prize!" Ultra Scope A reference to the Ultra Scope developed by Nintendo.
Dud Ticket "Too bad! You got a dud prize." Sparkler, Roman Candle --


Dud items[edit]