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Saving is a process that remembers the players' progress in most games. After restarting, the player can start from where he or she left off. Certain Animal Crossing games have a "save anywhere" feature. However, upon restarting, the player will start by leaving his or her house.

Animal Crossing[edit]

This game does not have the "save anywhere" feature. Instead, the player would have to go to the Gyroid in front of his or her house. There are two options for saving, "Save and Quit" or "Save and Continue". A random villager in the player's town will help the saving process. If the player saves and quits, after saving the player will be back at the main menu. If the player chooses to save and continue, the player will be able to continue. If the player does not save the game before resetting, Mr. Resetti will appear outside of his or her home and confront him or her.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

In Wild World the Gyroid no longer exists. Instead, there is an attic in the player's house. Lying down on the bed in the attic will give the player the choice to save. Another way of saving is by hitting the start button and saving. There is no more saving and continuing; instead, the choices are "save and quit" or "continue". If the DS battery is running low, the game will display this message: "The battery is running low. It might be a good idea to save the game soon". Like the original Animal Crossing game, Resetti will punish the player for not saving.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Like Wild World, there is still an attic where the player can save the game. Unlike the [WW] version, the start button no longer exists. However, a save button still exists, so the player can save from there. Like the other two games, Resetti will yell at the player if you do not save.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

The player can save by pressing START or SELECT and choosing to Save and Quit or Save and Continue. The player ends up right outside his or her house after saving and quitting. The first time the player fails to save Mr. Resetti shows up instead of Isabelle and gives a typical lecture, only he mentions that because of budget cuts he no longer has a Reset Center and would like one built, unlocking the Reset Center Public Works Project. Any other time after that the player fails to save save, Isabelle regretfully reminds the player of not saving. Only until players build the Reset Center does Mr. Resetti ever show up again.

Actions that require saving[edit]