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The following is a list of shells in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

All shells are found on the beach, and can be sold at Tom Nook's store. Additionally, a Scallop can be given to Pascal in exchange for an item from the Pirate Ship Theme.

List of shells[edit]

Shells in Animal Crossing: City Folk

Shell Image Sell Price
Conch Conch CF Icon.png 350 Bells
Coral Coral CF Icon.png 250 Bells
Dall's Top Dall's Top CF Icon.png 90 Bells
Pearl Oyster Pearl Oyster CF Icon.png 1,200 Bells
Porceletta Porceletta CF Icon.png 30 Bells
Sand Dollar Sand Dollar CF Icon.png 60 Bells
Scallop Scallop CF Icon.png 600 Bells
Venus Comb Venus Comb CF Icon.png 150 Bells
White Scallop White Scallop CF Icon.png 450 Bells