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The following is a list of shells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

All shells are found on the beach, and can be sold to Re-Tail or Timmy and Tommy's store. Additionally, a Giant Clam can be taken to Cyrus at Re-Tail along with a K.K. Slider song in order to create a music box.

List of shells[edit]

Shells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Shell Image Sell Price
Conch Shell Conch Shell NL Icon.png 350 Bells
Coral Coral NL Icon.png 250 Bells
Cowrie Shell Cowrie Shell NL Icon.png 30 Bells
Giant-Clam Shell Giant-Clam Shell NL Icon.png 450 Bells
Oyster Shell Oyster Shell NL Icon.png 450 Bells
Pearl-Oyster Shell Pearl-Oyster Shell NL Icon.png 1,200 Bells
Sand Dollar Sand Dollar NL Icon.png 60 Bells
Scallop Shell Scallop Shell NL Icon.png 600 Bells
Sea-Snail Shell Sea-Snail Shell NL Icon.png 90 Bells
Venus-Comb Shell Venus-Comb Shell NL Icon.png 150 Bells