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The Shopping Card is an item in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It works like a debit card, whereas it can be used instead of carrying Bells, which will be deducted from the player's Automatic Bell Dispenser (ABD).

The Shopping Card can only be used at GracieGrace, due to items being potentially extremely expensive.

To obtain the Shopping Card, the player must deposit 10,000 bells into the ABD. They will receive a letter containing the card the next day.

Golden Shopping Card[edit]

To obtain the Gold Card, the player must deposit 1,000,000 bells into the ABD. It serves no additional purpose, and only acts as a commemoration.

Lost Shopping Card[edit]

If the player loses their Shopping Card, they are able to go to the ABD and select "Reissue Card". They will receive a new card in the mail. However, if a player loses their Gold Card, they cannot replace it.