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The following are conversations with smug villagers in the Animal Crossing series.

In New Horizons[edit]

With a smug villager[edit]

Smug villager 1: Tell me, (smug villager 2), what's ONE thing on this island you could NOT live without?

Smug villager 2: Isn't it obvious? Say it with me, (smug villager 1).

Smug villager 1 and 2: LIP BAAAAAALM!

Smug villager 1: Ha HA! Yeah, that's probably a dumb question.

Smug villager 1: But if I had to choose TWO things I couldn't live without, I'd definitely go with lip balm and a mirror.

Smug villager 2: Right... because how would you know if your lips were sandy and chapped? That's just smart thinking.

Smug villager 1: But if we're going THREE things I couldn't live without, that's where it gaits tricky. But there's a clear front runner. Say it with me. Lip balm, a mirror, and...

Smug villager 1 and 2: A tiny umbrella to put in your (drink)!

Both villagers will walk off unaffected.

With a lazy villager[edit]

Smug villager: "You know what I could really go for right now, <playername>?"

Smug villager: "My mom used to make a heavenly <food>..."

Lazy villager: "Yeah... I miss my mom's sandwiches. She used bread!"

Smug villager: "Mmm, yes... Speaking of bread, on special occasions, my mom would make panzanella that was to die for."

Lazy Villager: "Oh yeah. If it was a REAL special day, my mom would make her one-of-a-kind mac and cheese."

Lazy Villager: "The sauce was orange and it came in a box!"

Smug Villager: "I miss my mom's pasta too! when she grated black truffle over fresh tagliatelle, I would melt."

Lazy Villager: "Whoaaaa, that sounds so good! ...Wait, that's food, right?"

Smug Villager: "Oh, <lazy villager>..."

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