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Table structure

  • name - String
  • name_sort - String
  • ja_name - String
  • fr_name - String
  • de_name - String
  • it_name - String
  • es_name - String
  • ko_name - String
  • pic - String
  • pic_url - String
  • birthday - String
  • birthday_sort - Integer
  • sign - String
  • catchphrase - String
  • ja_phrase - String
  • fr_phrase - String
  • de_phrase - String
  • it_phrase - String
  • es_phrase - String
  • ko_phrase - String
  • quote - String
  • starter - Boolean
  • clothing - String
  • umbrella - String
  • favstyle - String
  • leastfavstyle - String
  • color1 - String
  • color2 - String
  • color3 - String
  • genre1 - String
  • genre2 - String
  • series1 - String
  • series2 - String
  • series3 - String
  • category1 - String
  • category2 - String

Data table

This table has 150 rows altogether.

Page name name sort ja name fr name de name it name es name ko name pic pic url birthday birthday sort sign catchphrase ja phrase fr phrase de phrase it phrase es phrase ko phrase quote starter clothing umbrella favstyle leastfavstyle color1 color2 color3 genre1 genre2 series1 series2 series3 category1 category2
Agent S Agent S Agent S Agent SPicACWW.png July 2 702 Cancer sidekick I'm gonna, like, save the world! No No. 2 Shirt Cool Fancy
Alfonso Alfonso Alfonso AlfonsoPicACWW.png June 9 609 Gemini it'sa me We're friends, so I won't gnaw on your legs, even though I'm starving. Yes Big Bro's Shirt Leaf Umbrella Funky Fancy Pink Colorful Old-school Cabana Series Regal Series Instrument
Alice Alice Alice AlicePicACWW.png August 19 819 Leo guvnor I like having you around. Yes Barber Shirt Lacy Parasol Hip Severe Colorful Pink Lovely Cabana Series Lovely Series Houseplant
Alli Alli Alli AlliPicACWW.png November 8 1,108 Scorpio graaagh The most important parts of any ensemble are the purse and shoes. Yes Leopard Shirt Sunny Parasol Conservative Charming Brown Orange Yellow Asian Series Classic Series Painting
Amelia Amelia Amelia アンデス Aurélie Adelheid Amelia Amelia 안데스 AmeliaPicACWW.png November 19 1,119 Scorpio cuz カラカラ croooa adlerauge mini mini chinchilla 엄멈머 Pampering yourself is as important as food, water, and shelter! Yes Spiderweb Shirt Zebra Umbrella Gauche Conservative Red Brown Old-school Asian Series Ranch Series Instrument
Anabelle Anabelle Anabelle AnabellePicACWW.png February 16 216 Aquarius snorty I'll remember you even when I'm famous! No Tropical Shirt Mint Umbrella Cute Funky White Brown Chic Lovely Series Green Series Painting
Anchovy Anchovy Anchovy AnchovyPicACWW.png March 4 304 Pisces chuurp I'm hungry. Yes Earthy Knit Yellow Umbrella Funky Fancy Brown White Chic Old-school Regal Series Instrument
Angus Angus Angus AngusPicACWW.png April 30 430 Taurus macmoo Even strong men cry. Yes Flame Shirt Flame Umbrella Severe Hip Black Old-school Modern Series Cabin Series Cabana Series Painting
Antonio Antonio Antonio AntonioPicACWW.png October 20 1,020 Libra honk Always go for the burn! No Big Star Shirt Bat Umbrella Conservative Zany Red Yellow Old-school Cabana Series Regal Series Houseplant
Apollo Apollo Apollo アポロ Apollon Apollo Apollo Apolo 아폴로 ApolloPicACWW.png July 4 704 Cancer pah だワイ trraaaa ahhh pah rapaz 다꿇어 I'm not bald! I've just got fine feathers, that's all! Yes Zipper Shirt Paper Parasol Funky Hip White Black Modern Robo Series Cabin Series Houseplant
Aurora Aurora Aurora AuroraPicACWW.png January 27 127 Aquarius b-b-baby Just keep your cool. Yes Pink Tartan Funky Gaudy
Baabara Baabara Baabara BaabaraPicACWW.png March 28 328 Aries daahling I'm so soft that I don't even need a pillow! Yes Purple Tie-Dye Fresh Cool
Bella Bella Bella BellaPicACWW.png December 28 1,228 Capricorn eeks Would you like my autograph? Yes Skull Shirt Flame Umbrella Zany Charming Colorful Red Pink Robo Series Houseplant Instrument
Benedict Benedict Benedict BenedictPicACWW.png October 10 1,010 Libra uh-hoo Bok bok bok?! Just kidding. A huh huh huh! Yes Two-Ball Shirt Toad Parasol Funky Cool Red Colorful Pink Lovely Robo Series Houseplant
Big Top Big Top Big Top Big TopPicACWW.png October 3 1,003 Libra villain World domination! No No. 3 Shirt Green Umbrella Cool Charming Green Colorful Pink Lovely Asian Series Ranch Series
Bill Bill Bill BillPicACWW.png February 1 201 Aquarius quacko Even though there's no 'I' in team, there's no 'everybody' either! Yes No. 2 Shirt Gelato Umbrella Charming Conservative Brown Blue Old-school Cabin Series Cabana Series Instrument
Biskit Biskit Biskit BiskitPicACWW.png May 13 513 Taurus dawg Let sleeping dogs lie. Yes Deep Blue Tee Sunny Parasol Charming Funky Yellow Green Old-school Regal Series Robo Series Painting
Blaire Blaire Blaire BlairePicACWW.png July 3 703 Cancer nutlet My tail looks extra fluffy in this picture. Yes Peachy Shirt Fancy Cool
Bluebear Bluebear Bluebear BluebearPicACWW.png June 24 624 Cancer peach I enjoy tap dancing and raspberry jam! Yes Lemon Gingham Blue Dot Parasol Hip Gauche Blue Modern Kiddie Series Robo Series Instrument Houseplant
Bob Bob Bob BobPicACWW.png January 1 101 Capricorn pthhpth I'm a cat. Chillin' is in my blood, man. Yes Blossom Shirt Gelato Umbrella Cool Fancy Blue Colorful Lovely Modern Robo Series Cabin Series
Bones Bones Bones BonesPicACWW.png August 4 804 Leo yip yip Thanks for the snacks. Hint hint. Yes Caveman Tunic Leaf Umbrella Severe Gauche White Brown Lovely Cabin Series Lovely Series Houseplant
Boone Boone Boone BoonePicACWW.png September 12 912 Virgo baboom Words to live by: Don't ever wimp out! Yes Comfy Sweater Paper Parasol Cool Hip Brown Red Old-school Cabin Series Asian Series Houseplant
Bree Bree Bree BreePicACWW.png July 7 707 Cancer cheeseball Just in case you were wondering, I like presents. Yes Floral Knit Lacy Parasol Charming Gauche White Pink Chic Regal Series Cabana Series Instrument
Buck Buck Buck BuckPicACWW.png April 4 404 Aries pardner What are you staring at?! Yes Eight-Ball Shirt Bat Umbrella Cool Conservative Green Brown Chic Classic Series Ranch Series Instrument
Bud Bud Bud BudPicACWW.png August 8 808 Leo maaan You're not living unless you're sweating! No Flowery Shirt Beach Umbrella Cool Charming Yellow Pink Red Asian Series Cabana Series Houseplant
Bunnie Bunnie Bunnie BunniePicACWW.png May 9 509 Taurus tee-hee Come on! Get amped! Yes Jade Check Print Gaudy Strange
Butch Butch Butch ButchPicACWW.png November 1 1,101 Scorpio ROOOOOWF I'm watching you! Yes Arctic Camo Spider Umbrella Cool Cute Black Brown Chic Classic Series Modern Series Houseplant
Camofrog Camofrog Camofrog CamofrogPicACWW.png June 5 605 Gemini ten-hut You can't see me. Yes MVP Shirt Bat Umbrella Gauche Charming Brown Black Chic Cabin Series Blue Series Painting
Caroline Caroline Caroline CarolinePicACWW.png July 15 715 Cancer hulaaaa Relax! No Gelato Shirt Gaudy Refined
Cesar Cesar Cesar CesarPicACWW.png September 6 906 Virgo highness All hail my moustache! Yes A Shirt Blue Umbrella Conservative Gauche White Black Chic Classic Series Painting Houseplant
Champ Champ Champ ChampPicACWW.png June 4 604 Gemini choo CHOO You'll never get THIS monkey off your back! No Paw Shirt Funky Striking
Chevre Chevre Chevre ChevrePicACWW.png March 6 306 Pisces la baa Dream a little dream. Yes Natty Shirt Candy Umbrella Cute Cool White Red Chic Classic Series Lovely Series Houseplant
Chief Chief Chief ChiefPicACWW.png December 19 1,219 Sagittarius harrumph Harrumph! Yes Red Bar Shirt Subtle Fancy
Chow Chow Chow ChowPicACWW.png July 22 722 Cancer aiya Remember... I'm always watching you. Yes Star Shirt Ribbon Umbrella Zany Cute Pink Black Old-school Regal Series Robo Series
Coco Coco Coco CocoPicACWW.png March 1 301 Pisces doyoing I'm feeling kind of blank today. No Dawn Shirt Refined Gaudy
Cube Cube Cube CubePicACWW.png January 29 129 Aquarius d-d-dude Stay cool. Yes Big Dot Shirt Cute Cool
Curly Curly Curly CurlyPicACWW.png July 26 726 Leo nyoink Get fired up! Yes Green Bar Shirt Funky Cool
Curt Curt Curt CurtPicACWW.png July 1 701 Cancer fuzzball I'm watching you! Yes MVP Shirt Paper Parasol Conservative Funky Black Modern Ranch Series Asian Series Instrument Houseplant
Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano CyranoPicACWW.png March 9 309 Pisces ah-CHOO Wish you were here! No Dawn Shirt Paper Parasol Conservative Fancy Blue Yellow Modern Asian Series Cabana Series Painting
Daisy Daisy Daisy DaisyPicACWW.png November 16 1,116 Scorpio bow-WOW Just a regular girl in a crazy world! Yes Kiddie Shirt Gelato Umbrella Conservative Cool Black Brown Colorful Classic Series Asian Series Painting
Deena Deena Deena DeenaPicACWW.png June 27 627 Cancer woowoo I'm not a lame duck! Yes Kiddie Shirt Green Umbrella Conservative Zany Brown Pink Lovely Blue Series Kiddie Series Instrument
Derwin Derwin Derwin DerwinPicACWW.png May 25 525 Gemini derrrr Everything in moderation. Except for snacks. Yes Yellow Bar Shirt Yellow Umbrella Cool Fancy Lovely Modern Blue Series Robo Series Classic Series Instrument
Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy DizzyPicACWW.png July 14 714 Cancer woo-oo Keep it mellow. Yes No. 5 Shirt Gelato Umbrella Gauche Severe Colorful Lovely Modern Ranch Series Cabin Series Instrument
Dora Dora Dora DoraPicACWW.png February 18 218 Aquarius squeaky Got any cheese for me? Yes Sharp Outfit Paper Parasol Charming Zany White Blue Modern Robo Series Regal Series Instrument
Dotty Dotty Dotty DottyPicACWW.png March 14 314 Pisces wee one Hop to it, wee one! Yes Blue Check Shirt Fancy Cool
Drake Drake Drake DrakePicACWW.png June 25 625 Cancer quacko Got any snacks on you? Yes Folk Shirt Yellow Umbrella Conservative Gauche Orange Red Modern Asian Series Houseplant Instrument
Drift Drift Drift DriftPicACWW.png October 9 1,009 Libra brah Always go for the gold! No No. 67 Shirt Petal Parasol Funky Zany Colorful Modern Asian Series Ranch Series Classic Series Houseplant
Egbert Egbert Egbert EgbertPicACWW.png October 14 1,014 Libra doodle-duh Napping is when I do my best thinking. Yes Swell Shirt Blue Umbrella Conservative Zany Yellow Colorful Chic Kiddie Series Cabin Series Instrument
Elise Elise Elise ElisePicACWW.png March 21 321 Aries puh-lease If you say anything stupid about bananas or monkeying around, I'll scream! No Cool Shirt Fancy Refined
Elmer Elmer Elmer ElmerPicACWW.png October 5 1,005 Libra tenderfoot Got any snacks on you? Yes Gaudy Sweater Gelato Umbrella Funky Cute Brown Green Lovely Regal Series Lovely Series Instrument
Eloise Eloise Eloise EloisePicACWW.png December 8 1,208 Sagittarius tooooot You'll want to display this prominently! Yes Yellow Bar Shirt Toad Parasol Gauche Severe Yellow Orange Pink Lovely Series Instrument Houseplant
Elvis Elvis Elvis ElvisPicACWW.png July 23 723 Leo unh-hunh Thank you very much. Yes Royal Shirt Red Umbrella Conservative Cute White Black Brown Classic Series Regal Series Painting
Filbert Filbert Filbert FilbertPicACWW.png June 3 603 Gemini bucko Don't go nuts or anything. Yes Vogue Top Strange Gaudy
Freckles Freckles Freckles FrecklesPicACWW.png February 19 219 Pisces ducky CATAPULTING CUPCAKES! Yes Bright Shirt Beach Umbrella Severe Zany Green Old-school Green Series Blue Series Houseplant Instrument
Friga Friga Friga FrigaPicACWW.png October 16 1,016 Libra brrrmph This isn't a fortune cookie, it's an important life lesson! Yes Picnic Shirt Cool Funky
Frobert Frobert Frobert FrobertPicACWW.png February 8 208 Aquarius fribbit I don't wanna see any lily-livered jumping! Always aim high! Yes Gracie's Top Daisy Umbrella Zany Conservative Colorful Lovely Blue Series Cabana Series Regal Series Instrument
Gabi Gabi Gabi GabiPicACWW.png December 16 1,216 Sagittarius honeybun I'm trying out a new earstyle here. Yes Waffle Shirt Cute Strange
Gaston Gaston Gaston GastonPicACWW.png October 28 1,028 Scorpio mon chou Sacre bleu! Yes Swell Shirt Refined Cute
Genji Genji Genji GenjiPicACWW.png January 21 121 Aquarius otaku Hai-ya! No Misty Shirt Refined Striking
Gladys Gladys Gladys ちとせ Gladys Sandra Marta Gladis 빅토리아 GladysPicACWW.png January 15 115 Capricorn stretch ですの codêt ajajajjj stretch plumillas 그렇지라 Smiles are free, you know. No Misty Shirt Paper Parasol Conservative Gauche Chic Asian Series Classic Series Regal Series Houseplant Painting
Goldie Goldie Goldie GoldiePicACWW.png December 27 1,227 Capricorn woof I'm really into that Lab on the cover of Nintendogs. He's pretty dreamy. Yes Dapper Shirt Toad Parasol Fancy Zany Yellow Brown Lovely Cabin Series Modern Series Painting
Goose Goose Goose GoosePicACWW.png October 4 1,004 Libra buh-kay Who are you callin' chicken, chicken?! Yes Tropical Shirt Paper Parasol Funky Severe Brown Green Old-school Ranch Series Green Series Houseplant
Gwen Gwen Gwen GwenPicACWW.png January 23 123 Aquarius h-h-h-hon I'm just that cool. Yes Yellow Bolero Fancy Funky
Hopper Hopper Hopper HopperPicACWW.png April 6 406 Aries slushie This is my good side. Yes Dragon Suit Refined Cute
Hugh Hugh Hugh HughPicACWW.png December 30 1,230 Capricorn snortle Keep it real. Real chill. Yes Jade Check Print Fancy Gaudy
Jay Jay Jay JayPicACWW.png July 17 717 Cancer heeeeeyy You gotta want it! Yes Six-Ball Shirt Yellow Umbrella Gauche Charming Chic Classic Series Regal Series Instrument Painting
Jeremiah Jeremiah Jeremiah JeremiahPicACWW.png July 8 708 Cancer nee-deep Think about it, man. Bullfrog is only one letter away from blue frog. Yes Sunset Top Blue Umbrella Conservative Gauche Blue White Old-school Asian Series Cabin Series Painting
Jitters Jitters Jitters JittersPicACWW.png February 2 202 Aquarius bzzert When you're a team of one, you're always captain! No Latin Uniform Bat Umbrella Charming Cute Yellow Blue Modern Blue Series Green Series Instrument
Joey Joey Joey JoeyPicACWW.png January 3 103 Capricorn bleeeeeck Don't get your feathers all ruffled. Just chill. Yes No. 3 Shirt Leaf Umbrella Funky Cute Yellow White Lovely Classic Series Modern Series Instrument
Kabuki Kabuki Kabuki KabukiPicACWW.png November 29 1,129 Sagittarius meooo-OH Hoo-ha konichiwa! No Misty Shirt Paper Parasol Severe Hip Green Gray Brown Classic Series Asian Series Houseplant
Kid Cat Kid Cat Kid Cat Kid CatPicACWW.png August 1 801 Leo psst Spandex is the best disguise. No No. 1 Shirt Red Umbrella Cool Conservative Red Colorful Modern Robo Series Blue Series Instrument
Kiki Kiki Kiki KikiPicACWW.png October 8 1,008 Libra kitty cat Hang in there, kiddo. Yes Argyle Knit Ribbon Umbrella Conservative Gauche Black Yellow Lovely Cabana Series Asian Series Instrument
Kitt Kitt Kitt KittPicACWW.png October 11 1,011 Libra child They say that ugly parents have ugly kids. No Blue Diamond Top Spider Umbrella Charming Hip Red Brown Chic Cabana Series Asian Series Painting
Kody Kody Kody KodyPicACWW.png September 28 928 Libra grah grah Drop and give me twenty! Yes Orange Check Tee Sunny Parasol Cool Severe Green Gray Asian Series Cabana Series Classic Series Houseplant
Lily Lily Lily LilyPicACWW.png February 4 204 Aquarius zzrrbbitt Don't jump to conclusions! Yes Icy Shirt Blue Dot Parasol Charming Cool Green Pink Old-school Asian Series Cabana Series Houseplant
Limberg Limberg Limberg LimbergPicACWW.png October 17 1,017 Libra squinky Something stinks! Yes Subdued Print Busted Umbrella Hip Cute Gray Yellow Old-school Asian Series Robo Series Houseplant
Lobo Lobo Lobo LoboPicACWW.png November 5 1,105 Scorpio ah-rooooo I'm always watching you! Yes Checkered Shirt Subtle Funky
Lucky Lucky Lucky LuckyPicACWW.png November 4 1,104 Scorpio rrr-owch Ow. No No. 23 Shirt Bat Umbrella Cool Zany Red White Modern Cabin Series Asian Series Instrument
Lucy Lucy Lucy LucyPicACWW.png June 2 602 Gemini snoooink This picture entitles you to one free smile! Yes Natty Shirt Cute Cool
Maelle Maelle Maelle MaellePicACWW.png April 8 408 Aries duckling I like long walks on the beach. Alone. No Heart Shirt Yellow Umbrella Fancy Severe Pink Yellow Modern Lovely Series Regal Series Houseplant
Mallary Mallary Mallary MallaryPicACWW.png November 17 1,117 Scorpio quackpth Purple is the color of royalty, you know! Yes Blue Stripe Knit Sunny Parasol Fancy Zany Blue Black Chic Modern Regal Series Cabana Series
Maple Maple Maple MaplePicACWW.png June 15 615 Gemini honey Maple ♥ Moppina = BFF! Yes Citrus Gingham Petal Parasol Cute Zany Brown Lovely Ranch Series Classic Series Green Series Houseplant
Margie Margie Margie MargiePicACWW.png January 28 128 Aquarius tootie Keep your feet on the ground. Yes Hot Spring Shirt Petal Parasol Gauche Funky White Red Brown Cabana Series Asian Series Instrument
Marina Marina Marina MarinaPicACWW.png June 26 626 Cancer blurp I think I'm the only sane one in this town. No Bubble Gum Shirt Ribbon Umbrella Cute Severe Pink Yellow Cabana Series Classic Series Houseplant Painting
Mathilda Mathilda Mathilda MathildaPicACWW.png November 12 1,112 Scorpio wee baby Blood is thicker than water! No U R Here Shirt Elegant Umbrella Conservative Cute Black Modern Modern Series Regal Series Cabana Series Houseplant
Melba Melba Melba MelbaPicACWW.png April 12 412 Aries toasty You're my new best bud! Yes Green Vest Lacy Parasol Cute Funky Gray Colorful Modern Series Cabana Series Regal Series Painting
Mint Mint Mint MintPicACWW.png May 2 502 Taurus ahhhhhh I'm totally fresh and you know it! Yes Gumdrop Shirt Cool Strange
Mitzi Mitzi Mitzi MitziPicACWW.png September 25 925 Libra mew Sometimes I think I'm the only sane one around. Yes Gumdrop Shirt Melon Umbrella Charming Zany Green Pink Classic Series Blue Series Houseplant Instrument
Moe Moe Moe MoePicACWW.png January 12 112 Capricorn myawn Whoa... Yes BB Shirt Daisy Umbrella Zany Charming Blue Lovely Asian Series Ranch Series Houseplant Painting
Monique Monique Monique MoniquePicACWW.png September 30 930 Libra pffffft No airbrushing necessary! Yes Grape Shirt Ribbon Shirt Cute Cool Pink Brown Blue Lovely Series Classic Series Houseplant
Monty Monty Monty MontyPicACWW.png December 7 1,207 Sagittarius g'tang What are YOU looking at?! No Blue Pinstripe Refined Cute
Nan Nan Nan NanPicACWW.png August 24 824 Virgo kid Nanny-nanny boo-boo! Yes Citrus Gingham Lemon Umbrella Charming Gauche Gray Old-school Modern Series Asian Series Green Series Instrument
Nana Nana Nana NanaPicACWW.png August 23 823 Virgo po po Pink is the new black! No Bubble Gum Shirt Cute Refined
Nibbles Nibbles Nibbles NibblesPicACWW.png July 19 719 Cancer niblet Coming to a billboard near you! Yes Watermelon Shirt Cute Subtle
Octavian Octavian Octavian OctavianPicACWW.png September 20 920 Virgo sucker Don't be a sucker! No Big Star Shirt Beach Umbrella Hip Fancy Red Black Modern Modern Series Robo Series Houseplant
Olivia Olivia Olivia OliviaPicACWW.png February 3 203 Aquarius purrr You're the best kind of friend because you make me look even prettier. Yes Floral Knit Elegant Umbrella Fancy Funky White Blue Old-school Lovely Series Cabana Series Houseplant
Opal Opal Opal OpalPicACWW.png January 20 120 Aquarius snoot Now whenever you see this picture of me, you can think warm thoughts. Yes Gray Tartan Mint Umbrella Gauche Cool Blue Orange Chic Classic Series Cabin Series Instrument
Pango Pango Pango PangoPicACWW.png November 9 1,109 Scorpio snooooof Now you can say you knew me when! No Subdued Print Picnic Umbrella Gauche Cool Red Blue Modern Classic Series Asian Series Instrument
Pate Pate Pate PatePicACWW.png February 23 223 Pisces quackle SHRIEKING SUGARCUBES! Yes Winter Sweater Blue Umbrella Cute Severe Blue Yellow Chic Asian Series Ranch Series Painting
Patty Patty Patty PattyPicACWW.png May 10 510 Taurus how-now This month's Ms. Nintendique cover girl! Yes Citrus Shirt Gelato Umbrella Cute Conservative Brown Yellow Modern Asian Series Cabana Series Houseplant