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The superheroes, also called super heroes (singular super hero), are six villagers who dress up like superheroes. Any reference to being superheroes is shared with their personality types. Each hero is in a different personality group: Kid Cat is a jock villager, Agent S is a peppy villager, Big Top is a lazy villager, Rocket is a sisterly villager, Filly is a normal villager and Mira is a sisterly villager. Kid Cat, Agent S, and Big Top all make their debut appearance in Doubutsu no Mori e+, and reappear in all installments since, Rocket And Mira first appear in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Filly first appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Five of the six (excluding Filly) are also clients in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and they have a preference for the Sporty theme.

They are the only villagers who wear full headgear (excluding Mira who wears a mask). Also, all of them (excluding Filly and Mira) have six letters in their name (not counting spaces).