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I don't think this page has any real relevance to Nookipedia. Games are announced through several means, not just E3 (Nintendo Directs), and there are also other video game trade events including VGX. Mario Signature.png 00:42, July 12, 2015 (EDT)

I agree. Pages such as this would fit much better on Nintendo Wiki, not Nookipedia. --XXSuperXXNintendoXx (talk) 00:45, July 12, 2015 (EDT)
Agreed. Content should be moved to the relevant game's main article page if it isn't already there. Sunmarshsignature.png (talk) 01:15, July 12, 2015 (EDT)
Hmm...I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm all for having a page on E3 that covers all Animal Crossing related events that have happened at E3 over the years. Being able to see which years Animal Crossing made a presence at E3 serves as a useful archive of sorts. ~SuperHamster Talk 03:27, July 12, 2015 (EDT)