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Tootoid Family[edit]

This was brought to my attention after SuperHamster quoted it on the forums. 'Tootoids make a noise that sounds like a fart.'

As Nookipedia intends to sound encyclopaedic, I believe the slang word 'fart' should be replaced by something like flatulence, however rather than changing it straight away, I wanted to know what you guys think. Leem01 07:04, 22 January 2012 (EST)

Changing it sounds good to me. ~SuperHamster Talk 12:07, 22 January 2012 (EST)

Removal of Lv. 2 headers "In ..." and "In Animal Crossing: New Leaf" and {{Template:TableHeader}}[edit]

Unless if I'm wrong, all gyroids present in all games prior to New Leaf are also present in New Leaf, since the 131 gyroids are the 127 previous gyroids plus the four Brewstoids. This makes the "In Animal Crossing: New Leaf" header irrelevant. Therefore, merging the two and creating a "List of gyroids" header should be done. In addition, the list of gyroids could also be replaced with a {{Template:TableHeader|type=gyroid}} per family, but a lot of information in the {{Template:TableHeader}} may be redundant. Thoughts? Decomposer (talk) 09:50, December 28, 2018 (EST)

These changes sound good to me! The lists could do with an overhaul to TableHeader in particular. Drago (talk) Drago PC Villager Icon.png 10:50, December 28, 2018 (EST)

Split regarding each family of gyroid[edit]

I'm proposing a move for each family of gyroid to their own pages. While each bug, fish and sea creature have had pages of their own for awhile, the new addition of item pages has allowed for greater integration between pages, like hyperlinking the aforementioned items in a villager's house template area. However, in the prior example, every gyroid links to the overall page, creating more searching than necessary. This page should remain, but to what extent should be determined. Lampshade59276 (talk) 18:41, January 16, 2021 (EST)

Support Support - I would even go further and suggest that every gyroid get its own page. It's an item just like any other, so I don't see why each gyroid shouldn't have one. Although one might make the case that the differences among family members are minimal and are similar to the color or pattern customization options in New Horizons. As for families, I also think that their creation could be useful, as it allows comparison of the gyroids in the family across the different games in the series (and makes this page much shorter). Maybe they could be located at Gyroid/Family name? Sunmarshsignature.png (talk) 17:06, January 17, 2021 (EST)
I would Support Support splitting each family into their own page. As for how to go about that, I think we should handle these like the fossil pages, with one page for the family that has info templates for each member in each game (e.g. {{PGFossilInfo}} and {{FossilContainer}}; this also allows the data to be stored in Cargo), rather than having item pages for each Gyroid. Since Gyroids have less unique factors than regular furniture items, all of it could be covered in something like the aforementioned template. I also think the family pages should be their own pages entirely (rather than subpages of this page) to be consistent with fish/bug/sea creature/fossil pages. ~ AlexBot2004 (Talk) 17:49, January 17, 2021 (EST)
Oppose Oppose for now. Eventually, these pages will have to be split, although they ought to be in their own individual pages as they are indeed individual items akin to the ones we have for NH items (e.g., Item:Mega Dekkoid (New Leaf)), such that they may be saved in Cargo tables, and data presented here will be loaded from said tables. Currently, however, these templates that utilize Cargo do not exist for NL items, and I might argue that an act of splitting would be premature. Instead of having all Gyroid information in a single page, the user will have to navigate multiple pages just to get the information that he needs. In addition, splitting based on family could be "over-categorization" since, unlike groups of dinosaur fossils which can be described more in length (e.g., Blathers's quotations), the only differing factor between the gyroids is the noise that each one makes. Lucky Clover NL Icon.pngDecomposer 06:31, February 7, 2021 (EST)