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e+ Islanders' Personalities[edit]

Okay, so I've noticed a trend with the way that Doubutsu no Mori e+ organizes the order of its cards. Specifically the order goes Lazy, Normal, Jock, Peppy, Cranky, and Snooty, with the order being reset every six cards. If this is true, that would mean the following things: Patricia is normal, Frank was always cranky, Harry was originally a jock, Lulu is snooty, Pironkon is lazy, Masa is a jock, Violet was originally peppy, Curlos was originally cranky (Which would make sense, since he has the smug personality in New Leaf, which is descended from the Cranky islanders' behaviors), and Julia was always snooty. Everything else, such as Raddle's personality, fits perfectly. I may need to do some further research on this, but I feel that this should at least be considered.

UPDATE: Upon properly viewing the e-Reader card data, I can now verify that all of my assumptions are correct, including the ones about Harry and Violet having different personalities.

Dang, we've been giving the wrong information for years. How did we not know? --ShadowStarAvatar.pngLoneShadowStar (talk) 13:11, November 18, 2018 (EST)