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Daily Bonus Miles[edit]

I'm on day 6 and it appears to be an additional 50 bonus miles per day for the reward? Wonder if it's capped. It feels odd to keep updating the page? Might just keep personal notes and find out a better trend? Liana (talk)

Nook Miles+[edit]

In-game, I have paid off my first loan but did not upgrade to a house. The Nook Stop is accessible at this point, but there are items that can only be purchased with Nook Miles+. The ones that do not require Nook Miles+ are the DIY items, the Bell voucher, customizable phone case kit, the permits, and as of the newer update, the hip reaction collection. I was wondering if we could incorporate that somehow in the page. ht14 (talk) 15:55, December 13, 2020 (EST)