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The Rumors Of the Marquee

Here are some of the rumors for the secret room 1. Pay with a gold VIP card and have no $ with you, then talk to the clerk after the show 2. Buy a ticket, watch a show after closing time DISPROVEN 3. The gold axe thing DISPROVEN 4. Tuxedo and jesters mask after watching every show 5. Someone claims that a friend who works for nintendo said that you have to give kicks a lot of business and he will reveal some backstory, give shoes of the other gender, and let you intoo the buiding behind him.

Another thing: Some say you learn a secret emoticon up there. Why has no one hacked the emoticons to find it? for that matter, why has no one used a sub-area warp hack to check all areas in the game's code to search for the room?

Feel free to add more rumors and results, but don't just make them up to mess with me.

Ratfael 13:54, 7 February 2011 (EST)