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{{Infobox Bug
|name               = 
|ja-name            = 
|ko-name            = 
|zh-name            = 
|fr-name            = 
|it-name            = 
|es-name            = 
|de-name            = 
|nl-name            = 
|ru-name            = 
|image              = 
|imagesize          = 
|scientific name    = 
|family             = 

This infobox is for articles about bugs in the series. Many of the parameters are straightforward, but the below ones require special consideration:

  • scientific name is the scientific name of the bug in Latin.
  • family is the family of the bug in Latin.

The appearances are auto-assigned depending on category using Template:Infobox Appearance and PageInCat extension.


Common Butterfly
Artwork of Common Butterfly
Real-world info
Name: Pieris rapae
Family: Pieridae
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Piéride de la rave
 Mariposa común
 Farfalla comune
 Piéride de la rave
 Mariposa común
{{Infobox Bug
|name               = Common Butterfly
|ja-name            = モンシロチョウ
|ko-name            = 배추흰나비
|zh-name            = 白粉蝶
|fr-name            = Piéride de la rave
|it-name            = Farfalla comune
|es-name            = Mariposa común
|de-name            = Kohlweißling
|nl-name            = Koolwitje
|ru-name            = Белянка
|image              = Common Butterfly NH.png
|imagesize          = 200px
|scientific name    = Pieris rapae
|family             = Pieridae