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{{Infobox Location
 | title     = 
 | image     = 
 | caption   = 
 | image2    = 
 | caption2  = 
 | function  = 
 | services  = 
 | proprietor= 
 | time      = 
 | items     = 
 | bells     = 
 | days      = 

This infobox is to be used for articles about locations though the series. Many of the parameters are straightforward, but the below ones require special consideration:

  • timeyear is the months that the fish is available.
  • services is the location services.
  • proprietor is the character who runs the location.
  • time is the location time availability.
  • bells is the expenditure for upgrade.
  • days is the number of days has passed before upgrade.

The appearances are auto-assigned depending on category using Template:Infobox Appearance and PageInCat extension.


{{Infobox Location
 | title     = Resident Services
 | image     = NH Resident Services Building.jpg
 | caption   = Resident Services after being upgraded
 | function  = Building
 | services  = [[Nook Stop]]<br>[[Recycle box]]<br>[[Bulletin Board]]<br> Construction Consultation<br>Civic Consultation
 | proprietor= [[Tom Nook]]<br>[[Timmy and Tommy]] <small>(before [[Nook's Cranny]] open)</small><br>[[Isabelle]] <small>(after upgrading to building)</small>
 | time      = All day

Resident Services
NH Resident Services Building.jpg
Resident Services after being upgraded
Function Building
Services Nook Stop
Recycle box
Bulletin Board
Construction Consultation
Civic Consultation
Staff Tom Nook
Timmy and Tommy (before Nook's Cranny open)
Isabelle (after upgrading to building)
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances