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{{Infobox Season
 | season    = 
 | image     = 
 | caption   =
 | image2    = 
 | caption2  =
 | weather   =

This infobox is to be used for articles about the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The infobox has four different appearances based on the specified season, and will display a unique color-scheme and corresponding months in both hemispheres for each one.


{{Infobox  Season
 | season    = Spring
 | image     = [[File:Spring NH Artwork.jpg|280px]]
 | caption   = Artwork of spring from {{NH|short|nolink}}
 | weather   = Clear, Rain

Cherry Blossom Petal NH Inv Icon cropped.png
Winter Summer
Spring NH Artwork.jpg
Artwork of spring from New Horizons
Northern Hemisphere icon.png Northern Hemisphere months
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Clear, Rain