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{{Table cell}}

This template is to be used to populate cells in tables with a pre-configured icon, background color, link and tooltip text. There is also the option to create a custom cell use a specified color and icon. By default, the template will create an empty gray-colored cell which is commonly used to denote a blank or non-applicable entry in a table.

As the template populates cells, it will only display correctly when it is used within tables.

The default parameter supports the following pre-configured types of cells:

Yes No Green Yellow Orange Red Gray Villager Islander amiibo nh1.9 nh2.0 Cut Bug Fish Sea Creature Default
Yes No Green Yellow Orange Red Gray Villager Islander amiibo Added with New Horizons v1.9 update nh2.0 Cut Bug Fish Sea Creature

The following optional parameters is also supported:

  • game will display the specified text in the lower right corner of the cell. This is intended to be used to display the abbreviation of games in the series.

If the cell type is set to Custom the following parameters can be used to create a customised cell:

  • Color sets the cell background to the specified HTML color
  • Icon sets the icon to the specified image file


{{Table cell|Villager}}

Text can be added to display in the lower-right corner of the cell:

{{Table cell|Villager|game=AC}}

A custom cell can be created like so:

{{Table cell|Custom|color=cad3c5|icon=[[File:Tortimer NH Character Icon.png|20px|link=Tortimer|Tortimer!]]}}