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This icon is used as a visual representation of different types of active to-do tasks on Nookipedia.

{{To-do Icon
| image  = (Name of item to display)
| link  = (Page to link to)
| hover = (Hover text)
| text  = (Text to display)


  • Template will only produce Animal Crossing: New Horizons furniture icons, so only NH items should be input.
  • Template can only properly link to category pages.
  • The parameter link2 and link3 can be used to add a second and third category's page count, respectively, to the number displayed below the icon.
  • The parameter altlink can be used to link to a page other than the category page being counted.
  • The parameter type can be used to change the type of pages in a category that will be counted. Default is "pages".
  • The parameter manual can be used to bypass automatic category counts and insert a manual display value.
  • The parameter size can be used to specify an alternate size for the displayed image.