Template:UB Fav Color

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{{{1}}} This user's favorite color is {{{1}}}.



{{UB Fav Color|<Color>}}

Note: the first field must be filled out in order for the userbox to display properly.

This userbox may be set to display the user's favorite color. Replace <Color> in the above code with the name of the color to be displayed. The userbox's color will change to match some colors; if the provided color cannot be interpreted to change the color of the userbox, the userbox's colors must be customized individually, as shown below.


The colors of this userbox may be customized:

{{UB Fav Color|<Color>|<border>|<namebg>|<number>|<textbg>|<text>}}

Replace the appropriate fields with the desired color. If you don't want to change one of the colors, use its default, which is listed below next to the field.

  • border (#999999*)- the border around the userbox
  • namebg (#DDDDDD*) - the background behind the name of the color in the left box
  • number (#000000) - the color of the age in the left box
  • textbg (#EEEEEE*)- the color behind the text
  • text (#000000)- the color of the text

* These values change to the color entered in <Color>, if possible. The "defaults" listed are those of the default userbox.


blue This user's favorite color is blue.
{{UB Fav Color|blue}}
green This user's favorite color is green.
{{UB Fav Color|green|#A3C759|#A5D97B|#000000|#B6EA8C|#}}